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Innocence Of Muslims

  1. early and often
    Carson Okay With Non-Practicing Muslim on CourtAnd he’d like to investigate Muslim federal judge Abdul Kallon.
  2. innocence of muslims
    YouTube Ordered to Remove Innocence of Muslims, at Actress’s BehestA year and a half later.
  3. solved mysteries
    Origins of Innocence of Muslims Are RevealedHe lied about having cancer, the film’s subject, and his own name.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Gets a Year in Prison But not for sparking worldwide protests.
  5. the internet
    Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Says He’s Innocent, Didn’t Spark Middle East Violence“My client was not the cause of the violence in the Middle East,” says his lawyer.
  6. the internet
    Innocence of Muslims Producer Jailed for Parole ViolationThe man behind the infamous YouTube trailer was forbidden from using the Internet.
  7. the internet
    Innocence of Muslims Actress Suing Filmmaker, GoogleUnderstandably, she wants the video removed.
  8. international affairs
    Anti-U.S. Protests Spark Up Again in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Beyond [Updated]After a brief calm, violence is again raging across the Middle East.
  9. overreactions
    Tense Calm Descends on Muslim World After Protest-Less Saturday After twenty-some countries were racked by anti-U.S. demonstrations on Friday.
  10. libya
    President Obama and Hillary Clinton Mourn Americans Killed in Libya Meanwhile, Libya’s president suggests the attack was premeditated. 
  11. nakoula basseley nakoula
    Producer of Anti-Islam Film Questioned by Federal Authorities They wanted to find out whether Nakoula Basseley Nakoula violated his probation by making Innocence of Muslims.
  12. Innocence of Muslims Director Specializes in Soft-Core PornAlan Roberts is also behind the Happy Hooker trilogy.
  13. international affairs
    How Innocence of Muslims Led to Violent ProtestsInnocence of Muslims was little known in America until it exploded in the Arab world.