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  1. innovation
    OxyContin Billionaire Patents New Drug for Opioid TreatmentRichard Sackler made billions convincing Americans that OxyContin wasn’t addictive. Now, he’s going to make millions selling them addiction treatment.
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    Hell Yes, There Are Fidget-Spinner PhonesTwo hot new fads kids can’t get enough of, fidget spinners and cellular phones, have finally come together.
  3. CEO Innovated Her Way to a Higher Salary by Disrupting Price of Drug for KidsOnly in America.
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    Ohio College Installs 24-Hour Pizza ATM So Everyone Can Know You VapeSeems useful enough. If you can’t, you know, order a real pie.
  5. Look at This Dumb BusThis seems like a bad idea.
  6. This Very Stupid Social Bottle Opener Is All I Want From the Internet of ThingsNow you can alert your friends whenever you crack a cold one.
  7. driving reign
    Can Car2Go Transform New York Into a City of Drivers?The “one-way car-share” revolution has arrived.
  8. close shaves
    Gillette’s New Razor Is Everything That’s Wrong With American InnovationWe don’t need pivot-ball razors. We need moonshots.
  9. innovation
    Citigroup Trying Out This Negative-Publicity Thing?Beleaguered bank tests new marketing strategy.
  10. innovation
    Wall Street May Have to Develop Complex System of Hand Signals, Gestures, to Communicate Shittiness of DealsNot only can they not curse on e-mail, financiers soon might not even be able to curse on the phone.