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    #PlaneBae Woman Speaks Out and Would Rightfully Like to Be Left the Hell AloneThe woman unwittingly became the center of a viral story after a woman seated behind her posted pictures of her purportedly flirting.
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    Fine, We Give Up, Here’s How to Use Those Instagram Question StickersInstagram’s most annoying new feature explained.
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    This Animated Instagram Caption App Makes My Friends Ask, ‘How Did You Do That?’An easy hack for seeming like you’re much more Insta-savvy than you actually are.
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    You Can Now Follow Hashtags on InstagramIf you’ve ever said to yourself, “Man, I wish my Instagram feed featured more random photos from people I don’t know!” This one’s for you.
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    You Can Now Post Instagram Stories That’ll Never ExpireThe end of the Ephemeral Story Era is upon us.
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    YouTube, Several Months Behind Everyone Else, Will Also Now Have StoriesThe new feature is called Reels.
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    Instagram’s New Feature Will Make Your Stories Even More DramaticDun. Dun. Dunnnn!
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    10 Instagram Stories Hacks to Up Your Aesthetic GameNo more boring Stories for you.
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    Instagram Stories Now Copying Snapchat on Desktop, TooSay good-bye to only being able to watch Insta Stories on your phone, they’re now available on the web.
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    The ‘Story’ Format Is Here to Stay, on Snapchat or Off of ItToday is the one-year anniversary of Instagram totally ripping off Snapchat and introducing a Stories feature.
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    Instagram Gives Up, Goes Full-on Snapchat With Latest UpdateWow! Sending and receiving video and photo messages that disappear? How original!
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    Instagram Is Trying to Kill Your Finsta, and That’s OkayYou will love again, I promise.
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    Is Facebook a Monopoly? Just Ask SnapchatInstagram’s Stories are now more popular than the app it ripped off.
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    Instagram Finally Does Something They Didn’t Copy From SnapchatYou can now tag friends in your Instagram stories.