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    Instagram Might Blow Up Millions of Perfect Instagram GridsSay good-bye to your perfectly curated grid.
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    The Weird World of Viral ‘Free Watch’ Scams on InstagramCentralized shopping and ad platforms have made it easy to run a lean operation.
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    Instagram Warns ‘High-profile Users’ Their Personal Info May Have Been HackedEarlier this week, Selena Gomez’s account was hacked and posted several nude pictures of Justin Bieber.
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    Instagram Account Made Influencer Money Posting Nothing But Free Stock PhotosIf you’re not already, be wary of “influencers.”
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    Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed by Analyzing Their Instagram Filters?New research suggests your Instagram posts could be an indicator of your mental health.
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    Twitter Is Rolling Its Eyes Over News Posts About This Guy’s ‘Curvy’ WifeRobbie Tripp is getting owned on Twitter after posting a gushing Instagram about how much he loves his wife’s “curvy” body.
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    Look at These LegsJust look at them.
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    Instagram Gives Up, Goes Full-on Snapchat With Latest UpdateWow! Sending and receiving video and photo messages that disappear? How original!
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    Instagram Is Trying to Kill Your Finsta, and That’s OkayYou will love again, I promise.
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    How Instagram Made Father’s Day UnbearableSocial media has made a complicated holiday unavoidable.
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    Lorde Allegedly Ran an Instagram Account Devoted to Onion-Ring Reviews@Onionringsworldwide had a healthy following among the singer’s entourage.
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    Russian Hackers Are Secretly Communicating Through Britney Spears’s InstagramReally.
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    In Russia, You Can Buy Instagram Likes From a Vending MachineIt’s a pretty good deal.
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    Paul Ryan Gets Jeered by Middle Schoolers on Their Home Turf: InstagramMaybe don’t read the comments, Paul.
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    Former White House Photographer Weighs In on Trump Hand-holding FiascoPete Souza’s Instagram is, once again, the source of some excellent Trump shade.
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    Every Social Network Should Have Instagram’s Newest FeatureYou can now hide embarrassing photos without deleting them entirely.
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    Instagram Completes Transformation Into Snapchat by Introducing ‘Face Filters’A flower crown. How novel!
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    David Spade, Famous Adult Man, Gets Owned by Infamous TeenDanielle Bregoli, the “cash me outside” teen, thought Spade was a waiter.
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    Instagram Really, Really Wants You to Create a Second AccountHave you made yourself a Finstagram yet?
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    Why Your Entire Instagram Feed Was Flooded With Red Swimsuits This WeekThe “free swimsuit” promotion from hell.
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    Snapchat Blurs the Line Between Past and PresentIt’s getting more difficult to tell what is and isn’t prerecorded.
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    After 100 Days in Office, Former Obama Photographer Is Still Insta-Shading TrumpPete Souza’s Instagram is salty as heck about the Trump administration.
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    Is Instagram Down? A Short Investigation.Are you having trouble with Instagram today?
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    Is Facebook a Monopoly? Just Ask SnapchatInstagram’s Stories are now more popular than the app it ripped off.
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    These Mesmerizing, Satisfying Slime Videos Are the Internet’s New ObsessionThere is a slime for every purpose under heaven.
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    Instagram Wants to Be Your Main Messaging ServiceAll direct messages will now be in the same place on the app.
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    There’s No Such Thing As an Anonymous Social-Media AccountIt took less than a day for James Comey’s secret Twitter and Instagram accounts to be discovered.
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    Turn on Two-Factor Authentication Right Now to Protect Your Instagram AccountThe feature is now available to all users, and you should definitely use it.
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    Is Instagram Trying to Become Yelp, Too?A new feature will let users book appointments directly within the app.
  30. Sorry, But These People Probably Have a Much More Thrilling Job Than You DoVIDEO: Here’s the proof.
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    This Painter Turns Memes Into Surrealist PaintingsThe series honors Black History Month.
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    13 Travel Instagrammers to Get You Through This Unending WinterIf you can’t be somewhere warm, at least you can follow somebody who is and hate-like their pictures. 
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    Cypress Hill’s B-Real Talks About Being NASA’s Biggest Instagram FanRap’s favorite stoners are also prolific Instagram commenters — on nature-photography accounts.
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    Instagram Now Allows Album UploadsFinally, a way to share even more photos.
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    Former Obama White House Photographer’s Instagram Is a Master Class in ShadeHis pictures speak for themselves. Plus, the captions help, too.
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    Trump Wishes Abe Lincoln a Happy Birthday With a Fake Lincoln QuoteThe quote is reportedly from a 1947 advertisement and not the 16th president of the United States.
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    Mar-a-Lago Members’ Social Media Is the Best Source for Trump NewsEven when he’s conducting official national-security business.
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    Is Instagram Killing Snapchat? We Asked the Only People Who Matter: TeenagersInstagram Stories may have slowed Snapchat’s growth, but it also seems to have galvanized teenage fans of its competitor.
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    Instagram Is Testing Multi-Photo Posts on AndroidInstagram adds another new feature.
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    White House Photographer Pete Souza Shares Final, Poignant Picture of ObamaThe picture features Obama looking down on the White House from a helicopter window. The caption reads “Farewell.”
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    Instagram Stories Testing Ads Because Nothing Gold Can StayIt was only a matter of time. After all, Snapchat has ads.
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    A Chat With ‘One Foot Wander,’ the Instagrammer Photographing Her Amputated FootWhen Kristi Loyall found out she was going to lose her foot to cancer, she knew she had to keep it.
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    Delete Everything! Get Rid of Instagram and Miss Out on Missing OutEnjoy a sunset without worrying about which filter is gonna make it look the best.
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    Want to Go Viral on Instagram? Trying Tagging Your Post in Singapore.A new Instagram trend has verified users posting from “Singapore, Singapore” for more likes. But does it actually work?
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    This Website Combines Your Best 9 Instagram Posts From 2016 Into a CollageEveryone’s favorite Instagram-collage generator from last year is back for 2016.
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    All Instagrammers Can Now Turn Off CommentsThe feature was previously just for celebrities, but will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.
  47. Justin Bieber Is ‘Like 90 Percent Sure’ Hell Is InstagramBieber spoke his Insta-truth from stage at a concert in London.
  48. Instagram Gets Its Own Version of Live VideoAnd disappearing messages, too.
  49. This Firefighter Surprised Instagram With His Impressive, Minimalist PhotographyHe’s a firefighter.
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    Honestly, This Post Is Just Lots of Funny Junk to Make You Feel a Little BetterLet your mind wander for a bit.
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