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  1. Bissinger vs. Bouie: Buzz Switched to Romney, But Should He Switch Back?The feud that started on Twitter is settled on Daily Intel.
  2. Chait and Ponnuru on the Veep Debate “I think it will be brutal.”
  3. Fallows and Barro on Romney’s Debate OpportunityPaging Chris Christie?
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    A Conservative and a Marxist on Clinton’s Speech“His greatest feat is speaking with such confidence that defies fact-checking.”
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    Matt Bai and Patricia J. Williams Argue Over Religion in Government and Homeowners’ Role in the Financial Crisis’New York Times Magazine’ writer Matt Bai and ‘The Nation’ columnist Patricia J. Williams argue over what an Obama presidency might mean for the judiciary and abortion, the current role of religion in government, and whether homeowners aren’t partly to blame for the financial crisis.
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    Joe Hagan Grills David Brooks About Palin, Voting for Obama, and Exile From ConservativismNew York ‘Times’ columnist David Brooks and ‘New York’ writer Joe Hagan discuss pulling the lever for Obama, whether Brooks is worried for about brand, and the attempt to ‘excommunicate’ the columnist from the conservative movement.
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    Matt Bai and Nate Silver Explain Why the Rays Have Better Odds Than McCain’New York Times Magazine’ writer Matt Bai and FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver discuss the viability of McCain’s Pennsylvania-based strategy, the voters assuming we’re still stuck in the 2000/2004 universe, and Silver’s defense of his model should the election turn to McCain.
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    Nate Silver and Jonathan Chait on Early Voting and the Latest Sarah Palin RumorFiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver and ‘The New Republic’ columnist Jonathan Chait discuss the latest Sarah Palin 2012 rumor, how much the African-American vote will matter, and why you should never underestimate the Republican base.
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    Dahlia Lithwick and Ayelet Waldman on Michelle Bachmann and Why They’re So Worried About Voter SuppressionToday, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and author Ayelet Waldman discuss Michelle Bachmann’s anti-Obama blunder, the discouraging fight against incipient voter suppression, and George W. Bush’s one enduring, “raging success.”
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    Jennifer Senior and Dahlia Lithwick on Palin’s ‘SNL’ Appearance and McCain’s Problems With WomenToday, ‘New York’ writer Jennifer Senior and Slate editor Dahlia Lithwick discuss Sarah Palin’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance, how McCain and his campaign relate to women, and the trap of becoming a ‘mean girl.’
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    Craig Unger and Jennifer Senior on the Debate, and How Little We Really Know About Barack ObamaCraig Unger, author of ‘The Fall of the House of Bush,’ and ‘New York’ writer Jennifer Senior discuss who won the debate (according to a novel measure), a potential missed opportunity for Obama on the economy, and what kind of president Obama might make — and whether anyone even knows him well enough to say.
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    Byron York and Craig Unger on McCain’s Quagmire’National Review’ correspondent Byron York and Craig Unger, author of ‘The Fall of the House of Bush,’ discuss McCain’s challenge at tonight’s debate, whether the race holds any surprises, and how Obama resembles Bush in his response to the financial crisis.
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    Matt Taibbi and Byron York Butt Heads Over Whether McCain Deserves Blame for the Wall Street Meltdown’Rolling Stone’ columnist Matt Taibbi and ‘National Review’ correspondent Byron York argue over the headwinds facing McCain, what Phil Gramm had to do with the financial crisis, and the importance of credit default swaps.
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    Michael Idov and Matt Taibbi on Obama’s Foregone Historic Win, and the Morass It Will Land In’Rolling Stone’ columnist Matt Taibbi and ‘New York’ writer Michael Idov discuss why John McCain is “one of the worst” presidential candidates ever, Russian glee over American’s problems, and what happens after a possible President Obama is hammered for what he doesn’t manage to achieve.
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    Garrett M. Graff and Michael Idov on Their Anxieties Over the Mounting Democratic GleeGarrett M. Graff, author of ‘The First Campaign,’ and ‘New York’ writer Michael Idov discuss dirty campaigning and the Internet, what the future holds for Joe Lieberman and Sarah Palin, and never underestimating the ability of Democrats to screw up winning.
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    Matthew Yglesias and Garrett M. Graff on the Election’s Generational DivideThink Progress blogger Matthew Yglesias and Garrett M. Graff, author of ‘The First Campaign’ and editor at large for the ‘Washingtonian,’ discuss the generational split among voters, how our economy might be transformed for the better, and why, in the election, technology and innovation is the elephant in the room.
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    Katie Roiphe and Matthew Yglesias on the Financial Crisis’ Upside and Why McCain May Well ‘Win’ Tonight’s DebateAuthor Katie Roiphe and blogger Matthew Yglesias discuss Sarah Palin’s latest attacks on Obama, what the silver lining of the financial meltdown might be, and why McCain will likely be declared the winner of tonight’s debate.
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    James Fallows and Katie Roiphe on Sarah Palin Winking Her Way Through the DebateJames Fallows of ‘The Atlantic’ and Katie Roiphe, the author, most recently, of ‘Uncommon Arrangements,’ discuss Sarah Palin’s flirtatiousness last night, and which voters she was really winking at.
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    Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann Dissect the Bailout Fight: How It Might Sink McCain — and Help the GOP’New York’ magazine’s John Heilemann and Joe Scarborough, former Republican Congressman and host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ discuss the parallels between the rejection of the bailout bill and the Gingrich revolution, what Sarah Palin still has to offer, and how these couple weeks ‘might very well be remembered by history as the fortnight when Obama won the election.’
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    John Heilemann and Robert Reich on Who’s Winning the High-Stakes Game of Bailout ChickenGuess what? It’s not the Democrats.
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    Robert Reich and Ben Smith on McCain ‘Suspending’ the Campaign and the Exact Chances of Worldwide Financial MeltdownPolitico’s Ben Smith and Robert Reich, former United States secretary of Labor and University of California, Berkley professor, also discuss whether Obama has distinguished himself in dealing with the economy.
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    Ken Layne and Ben Smith on Being ‘In the Tank’ and Why McCain’s So ResilientWonkette’s Ken Layne and Politico’s Ben Smith discuss the McCain campaign’s accusation that Smith is “in the tank,” the possibility of Henry Paulson and Chris Dodd taking over the country, and the proliferation and pitfalls of political blogs.
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    Eli Attie and Ken Layne on Whether Obama Can Steer This Election Back to Substance’West Wing’ screenwriter and former Al Gore speechwriter Eli Attie and Wonkette’s Ken Layne discuss the inscrutability of undecided voters, whether the debates will matter, and what Philip K. Dick has to do with it.
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    Eugene Mirman and Eli Attie Wonder Why Politics Must Be Such Poor EntertainmentThe comedian and the ‘West Wing’ scribe banter about the meaninglessness of faster news cycles, starting Obama rumors, and working on McCain’s TV show.
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    Patrick Healy and Eugene Mirman on the Liberal Media ‘Conspiracy’ and Why It’s Strange That the Wall Street Meltdown Has Swung PollsToday, New York ‘Times’ political reporter Patrick Healy and comedian Eugene Mirman discuss forgetting the things Sarah Palin named her children after, what Americans really want, and Bette Midler for V.P.
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    Lynn Sweet and Patrick Healy on Connecting McCain and Bush Over the Economy and Whether Clinton Alone Can Blunt PalinLynn Sweet, Washington, D.C., bureau chief for the Chicago ‘Sun-Times,’ and New York ‘Times’ political reporter Patrick Healy discuss Palin’s advantage with regard to Wall Street turmoil, Biden suggesting Clinton might have been a better V.P. choice for Obama, and how Clinton supporters might (or might not) see a Palin bait and switch.
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    David Frum and Lynn Sweet on Rattled Obama Supporters and Whether Even ‘Change’ Is Still NeededFrum, who writes daily for National Review Online, and Sweet, Washington, D.C., bureau chief for the Chicago ‘Sun-Times,’ discuss the unexpected factors working against Obama, Palin’s resilience, and what bearing past elections have — or don’t have — on this one.
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    David Frum and Kurt Andersen on McCain’s Latent Leftiness and Whether Democrats or Republicans Are More DisingenuousFrum, who writes daily for National Review Online, and ‘New York’ columnist Andersen discuss Obama’s faux outrage, conservative “anti-information,” and surprises a President McCain might have in store.
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    Kurt Andersen and Markos Moulitsas on Barack Obama’s Big Disadvantage and the Future of the GOP’New York’ columnist Kurt Andersen and Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas discuss concocted gaffes, Sarah Palin’s historical significance to the Republican Party, and whether there’s any way to know which way the race will go.
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    Markos Moulitsas and Alex Pareene on McCain’s Mysterious Bump, Obama and the Electoral College, and Fetishizing the Undecided VoterToday, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas and Gawker’s Alex Pareene discuss campaign lies, the movement to declaw the Electoral College, and why you shouldn’t be worried about the polls — yet.
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    Ezra Klein and Alex Pareene on McCain’s Dreams for the Presidency and O’Reilly Versus Obama“McCain wants to be a great man of history, and that means doing what he’s got to do on domestic policy such that he’s the guy who gets to go to war with China.”
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    Tyler Cowen and Ezra Klein on Palin’s Speech and What Obama and McCain Would Each Accomplish — or Not — As PresidentFor today’s conversation, we bring together Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University who blogs at MarginalRevolution.com, and The American Prospect’s Ezra Klein.
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    Ross Douthat and Tyler Cowen on Lieberman, Palin, and Outlawing AbortionFor today’s IM conversation, we bring together Ross Douthat, a senior editor at ‘The Atlantic,’ and Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University who blogs at MarginalRevolution.com.
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    Defending Sarah Palin: Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg on McCain’s V.P. Pick As Culture-War Hand GrenadeEvery day until November 4, a series of writers and thinkers will discuss the election over instant messenger for nymag.com. For our inaugural conversation, we bring together Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg.