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  1. The CIA Still Doesn’t Trust Jared Kushner With Its Most Sensitive IntelligenceThe president’s son-in-law received a permanent security clearance in May — but the CIA still won’t let him in on its deepest secrets.
  2. Trump Orders DOJ to Probe Leaks to U.S. Press About Manchester InvestigationAfter the U.S. was reportedly cut off from Manchester intel after crime-scene photos and the bomber’s identity were leaked to the U.S. press.
  3. Trump Accidentally Confirms That He Leaked Israeli Intel to the Russians“I never mentioned the word … Israel,” Trump told reporters, implying that he shared the Jewish state’s intelligence without disclosing his source.
  4. Israel Gave Trump the Classified Intelligence He Shared With Russia: ReportOy vey.
  5. CIA Chief Not Pleased That Incoming President Likened the CIA to NazisThe president-elect starts a messy, public feud with the director of the CIA, just days before inauguration.
  6. Intel Chiefs Presented Trump With Claims That Russia Has ‘Compromised’ HimA former MI6 agent claims that Russia has compromising information about the president-elect. And the CIA is taking that allegation seriously.
  7. After Intelligence Briefing, Trump Promises to Prioritize CybersecurityBut he did not concede Russia’s culpability in the hack of the DNC, and insisted cyberattacks had “no effect on the outcome of the election.”
  8. Donald Trump Tells America’s Intelligence Community That He Doesn’t Trust ThemOne day before he starts receiving classified briefings.
  9. Report: Clinton Never Sent Classified Information From Her Private Email AccountBernie Sanders may no longer have to hear about her “damn emails.”
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    The CIA Has Way More Money Than Everyone ThoughtEdward Snowden leaked the U.S. intelligence “black budget.”
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    To Book the Waldorf Presidential Suite, You’ll Need a Background CheckNew York’s famous hotel likes to “know a little bit about you.”
  12. terrorble
    America May Be Trying Too Hard on CounterterrorismToo much information, too little time.
  13. comings and goings
    James Clapper Has to Be the Director of National Intelligence NowCongratulations, we think.