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    Barry Diller and Tina Brown Team Up to Create Aggregator WebsiteBut, Brown insists, it will not compete with the Huffington Post. What it is, well, we’re not even sure she knows yet.
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    Barry Diller Just Doesn’t Want Delaware to Hurt Too MuchBarry Diller can only hope justice will be swift next week, when he and his comrade turned nemesis John Malone, of Liberty Media, meet in Delaware court to face off over Diller’s future with his Liberty-backed company, InterActive Corp. Or surrender, as the case may be. “It’s very odd that two people who don’t want to give up control of anything are giving control to a judge in Delaware,” he said at a Variety event at the Four Seasons yesterday. Speaking about the lawsuit Malone filed against him after he said he wanted to break up the company, Diller expressed, for the second time in as many months, traces of doubt and humility, emotions that had previously eluded him. “The wonderful thing about Delaware is they do it quickly,” Diller added. “They make a decision quickly.” Aw. Kind of like when your mom pulls a Band-Aid off an ouchy, right, Barry? Diller Expresses Doubt at Event [Variety] Related: Heavyweights Barry Diller and John Malone Get in the Ring