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  1. life after warming
    ‘We Woke Up and We Lost Half Our Water’It’s the first major test of the American political system’s ability to collaboratively adapt to climate change.
  2. environment
    Biden Admin Rescinds Trump Rule Allowing ‘Industry to Kill Birds With Impunity’The Department of the Interior has undone a Trump-era rule which gutted protections for migratory birds killed by energy companies.
  3. environment
    Trump’s Interior Dept. Reportedly Edited Documents to Say Climate Change Is GoodAn Interior official edited nine policy reports with debunked claims — fitting a larger administration pattern of undermining climate science.
  4. just asking questions
    Obama’s Deputy Interior Secretary on the Gutting of the Endangered Species ActFormer deputy Interior secretary David J. Hayes discusses how rollbacks to the law fit with the administration’s disdain for environmental regulation.
  5. government shutdown
    The Government Shutdown Is Exposing the Stupidity of Government ShutdownsThe rules governing which parts of the government stay open are, to use a technical term, “not smart.”
  6. climate change
    Trump Clears Way for Frackers to Leak Methane While Drilling on Federal LandThe Trump administration is rolling back rules that required oil and gas companies to cut down on methane emissions when drilling on public land.
  7. Most of the National Park Service Advisory Board Just Quit in ProtestMembers said Interior secretary Ryan Zinke refused to meet with them, and they’re concerned about Trump administration policies that ignore science.
  8. Ryan Zinke Flew to Horse-Riding Date With Mike Pence on Taxpayers’ DimePopulism in action.
  9. Trump Encourages Elephant Hunting by Lifting Ban on Trophy ImportsThe Interior Department has scrapped an Obama-era ban on bringing elephant remains back from Zimbabwe.
  10. The Interior Department Proposes Huge Hike in National Park Entry FeesDriving a car into the Grand Canyon and 15 other parks would cost $70 under this plan.
  11. Interior Sec Won’t Eliminate Any National Monuments, But Wants to Shrink SomeInterior Secretary Ryan Zinke says he’s recommending changes to a “handful” of national monuments.
  12. Trump Team Blocks Criticism of Bill Allowing Hunters to Massacre Bear CubsThe National Park Service has concerns about the NRA’s new hunters’ rights bill. Trump’s team reportedly told NPS to keep its worries to itself.
  13. cleaning up
    Interior Secretary Renames Office of Mineral Management ServicesThe government agency whose coziness with big oil has been blamed for the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon spill is getting its own PR makeover.