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  1. international news
    Gunman Kills Three at Brussels Jewish MuseumOne suspect is in custody.
  2. international news
    North Korea Still Firing Missiles, But Toning Down the Crazy TalkNo more “sea of flames”?
  3. international news
    China’s Latest Knife Attack Raises Security QuestionsThe casualty count has reached 29.
  4. international news
    27 Killed in Chinese Knife AttackAnd 109 injured.
  5. tv-stained wretches
    MSNBC Map Reestablishes CzechoslovakiaTime for an update.
  6. North Korea Kicks Off Crazy Season With Missile LaunchHere we go!
  7. international news
    Protesters Invade Ukranian President’s ResidenceMeanwhile, his rival is released from prison.
  8. international news
    Peace Deal Reached in Ukraine, With Amnesty for ProtestersLet’s hope this calms things down.
  9. international news
    North Korea Is Entering Its Crazy SeasonU.S.-South Korean war games start next week.
  10. international news
    Kiev Truce Dissolves Into Gunfire and FlamesAn already-violent protest gets out of hand.
  11. international news
    North Korea’s Latest Foregin Prisoner Is a 75-Year-Old AustralianA bit old for a labor camp.
  12. international news
    North Korea Seriously Is the Worst, U.N. Panel ConcludesKim Jong-un may face International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.
  13. international news
    Russia Makes Its Anti-Gay Policies International With Expanded Adoption BanNo adoptions by single people in countries that allow gay marriage.
  14. international news
    Suicide-Bomb Lessons As Dangerous As ExpectedAn instructor in Iraq killed his class.
  15. international news
    North Korea Just Messing With U.S. Over Prisoner’s ReleaseThis is getting tiresome.
  16. international news
    Some North Korean Threats and Insults We’ll Really MissNow that the North is giving them up (yeah, right).
  17. international news
    Irish Chess Match Ends in Gruesome Murder, Missing LungThe lung’s whereabouts are unknown.
  18. London Theater Ceiling Collapse Injures ScoresMany thought it was part of the play.
  19. international news
    Marijuana Is Now Fully Legal in UruguayEat your hearts out, Colorado and Washington.
  20. international news
    1,500 Nazi-Looted Paintings Found in Guy’s Attic in MunichThanks to a random check three years ago.
  21. international news
    Threat of a ‘Horrible Disaster’ Is No Way for North Korea to Obtain a Ski LiftTransparent motives in the latest saber rattling.
  22. international news
    Navy SEALs Raided a Somali Compound This MorningBut what exactly they accomplished is yet unclear.
  23. international news
    Militants Gun Down Sleeping Students at Nigerian CollegeJust awful.
  24. international news
    Kenyan Officials: Mall Hostages Freed, Americans Among Attackers [Updated]Though shots and explosions continued on Tuesday morning.
  25. international news
    Russians Have More Philosophical Bar Fights Than We DoLet the New York Times explain this one.
  26. international news
    Watch the Costa Concordia Rise From Its Watery Resting PlaceIt’s upright once more!
  27. international news
    Explosion, Gunfight Near U.S. Consulate in AfghanistanAt least one killed.
  28. international news
    North Korea Apparently Back to Nuclear TrollingThe Yongbyon nuclear reactor restarts.
  29. international news
    Did Kim Jong-un Have the ‘Excellent Horse-Like Lady’ Singer Executed?A Korean daily reports she was shot for making porn.
  30. international news
    The U.S. Evacuated Its Consulate in LahoreCiting “specific threats.”
  31. Spanish Train Driver Charged With 79 Homicides, Released on BailReportedly told judge he was traveling too fast.
  32. international news
    Beijing Airport Bomber Injured Only HimselfIn an apparent desperate act of protest.
  33. international news
    Nelson Mandela Is in Critical ConditionJust when his health was said to be improving.
  34. international news
    North Korea Reminds Everybody About Its Missiles by Launching SomeThe leadership is angry about the United States and South Korea’s joint naval exercises.
  35. cyber security
    Meet ‘Comment Crew,’ China’s Military-Linked HackersThe Times has an address for the hackers it thinks attacked the paper.
  36. international news
    Abbottabad Swears Its Planned Theme Park Won’t Be Bin Laden LandA zoo, waterfalls, and “nothing to do with Osama bin Laden.”
  37. media
    Chinese Hackers Stole Every New York Times Employee’s PasswordThey’re still mad about that Wen Jiabao expose.
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    North Korea’s Satellite Doesn’t Work Very WellIt’s “tumbling out of control,” apparently.
  39. international news
    North Korea’s Latest Rocket Launch Actually Worked [Updated]Unlike last time, no catastrophic crash.
  40. John McAfee Emerges From ‘Hiding’ to Seek Asylum in GuatemalaAll his recent “misdirection” worked.
  41. nuclear iran
    U.N. Promises Nuclear Deal With Iran Coming SoonThe U.S. and Israel are not holding their breath.
  42. the war in afghanistan
    U.S. Troops Posed for Pictures With Dead Suicide Bombers in AfghanistanThe Los Angeles ’Times’ has released the photos despite requests from the government not to publish them.
  43. international intrigue
    Military in Egypt Promises Speedy Elections As 100,000 Protest in Tahrir SquareDemonstrations rage amid meetings about the future.
  44. bunga bunga
    Silvio Berlusconi’s Greatest (and Most Offensive) HitsIt’s been a wild, often cringe-worthy ride for the Italian Prime Minister.
  45. international intrigue
    Berlusconi to Resign After Austerity Measures Pass [Updated]The Italian prime minister has no more majority.
  46. international intrigue
    Berlusconi Denies Resignation Rumors on Facebook’Like.’
  47. occupy wall street
    Occupy Everywhere: Dispatches From Demonstrations Around the World, Vol. 1A roundup of international news from the loosely linked protests.
  48. international news
    No Radiation Leaking in French Nuclear Plant Explosion [Updated]A blast at Marcoule in southern France killed one person this morning.
  49. photo op
    It’s All Fun and Games Until the Lady in the Vegetable Outfit Gets Hurt“The rueful moment Jim Rodgers attempted to jump a vegetable-themed employee.”