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  1. foreign interests
    How Will International Court of Justice’s Genocide-Case Ruling Impact Israel?The court stopped short of calling for a cease-fire in the conflict in Gaza, as requested by South Africa, which brought the case.
  2. first person
    ‘They Don’t Want People to Know We Exist’Palestinians across the West Bank describe what life has been like since October 7.
  3. international
    Kremlin: Airport Mob Searching for Israelis Isn’t Our FaultThe Russian government blamed “outside interference” for Sunday’s shocking scenes.
  4. international
    Recovered Titan Debris Includes ‘Presumed Human Remains’The remains will be analyzed by medical professionals.
  5. extreme farming
    Thousands of Shepherds Storm Romanian Government“I was born among the sheep and we will cut lawmakers’ heads off.”
  6. international
    Two Americans Killed at Police Training Center in JordanTwo other Americans were injured in the attack. 
  7. transportation
    Hundreds of Tourists Missing After Ship Capsizes in ChinaAt least 15 survivors have been found.
  8. At Least 120 People Killed in Mosque Bombings in YemenThree suicide bombers struck a Shiite mosque on Friday. 
  9. Arab-Israeli Turnout Sparks Salty Statements and Ned Stark ReferencesWho will the 15 percent of undecided voters in Israel pick, and what will it mean for Benjamin Netanyahu?
  10. where in the world in vladimir putin
    If Anyone Sees Putin, Let Us KnowThe Russian president hasn’t been seen in a few days. 
  11. Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov Reported Dead The longtime critic of Russian Vladimir Putin was scheduled to lead an opposition rally on Sunday. 
  12. terrorism
    New Al Qaeda Video Threatens American PhotojournalistHe was kidnapped in Yemen in 2013.