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Internet Censorship

  1. pr disasters
    Au Bon Pain Unblocking Gay Rights, Abortion SitesThe restaurant chain blames its Internet provider for the censorship.
  2. pr disasters
    Au Bon Pain’s WiFi Blocking Gay Rights, Abortion SitesIt vows to change.
  3. iran so far away
    Iran Liberated From Cumbersome Twitter and Facebook Controls [Updated]Not that they ever really worked.
  4. spy games
    Guardian Now Blocked for Overseas MilitaryFor “network hygiene.”
  5. spy games
    You Won’t Read The Guardian’s NSA Reporting on an Army BaseIt’s part of “network hygiene.”
  6. internet censorship
    Twitter Censors Its First AccountA neo-Nazi group’s tweets are now invisible in Germany.
  7. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Urges China to Allow Free Flow of Cute Cat VideosOh, and other more important Internet things, too, we guess.