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Internet Of Things

  1. 2038
    In 20 Years, the Internet Will Have Swallowed You, So Nothing Will Be PrivateOn this week’s episode of 2038, the author of What Is Code? talks about the true (maybe terrifying) meaning of the “internet of things.”
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    This Smart Summer Cottage Has No Running WaterIn some ways, the spirit of hacking together a homemade IoT setup is remarkably similar to the spirit of surviving in the woods.
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    Warning: Don’t Give Your Kid a Child’s SmartwatchWho would have guessed smartwatches for kids was a bad idea?
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    Senate Has Rare Good Idea to Secure the Internet of ThingsThe bipartisan measure would require new features for federal tech vendors.
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    If Your Saltshaker Doesn’t Have Bluetooth, Why Do You Even Use Salt?Pass the Smalt, the world’s first smart-home saltshaker.
  6. Watch: This Smart Mirror’s Camera Analyzes Your Face and Grades Your ComplexionYou’re rated on a scale from 1–100, and receive beauty tips to match.
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    7 New Smart Objects That Are Probably Too SmartConnect all the things. Why not?
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    It Only Takes 11 Hours to Boil Water With a Wi-Fi TeakettleBehold the glory of the iKettle 2.0.
  9. My Internet-Connected Home-Gadget HellThe war over the Internet of Things is here, and your home is going to be collateral damage.
  10. This Very Stupid Social Bottle Opener Is All I Want From the Internet of ThingsNow you can alert your friends whenever you crack a cold one.