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  1. city hall
    City Hall Argues Sorting Mail Is Great EducationAbout 150 interns work for the de Blasio administration. None are paid. 
  2. politics
    Talking Politics With This Summer’s Crop of Washington InternsCollege students swarm the gridlocked capital for the summer, armed with hope for bipartisanship, personal talking points, and brand-new suits.
  3. interns
    The World’s Worst Intern Has Been FiredThis intern made up some racist names for the Asiana Airlines pilots. 
  4. blog-stained wretches
    Former Gawker Interns Join the Unpaid-Intern Uprising Three are suing for wages.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    The Interns Are Organizing!And suing.
  6. interns
    One JPMorgan Intern Has Learned a Lot in a Single AfternoonSuch as: Don’t send a mass e-mail inviting everyone to bring fake I.D.s to a bar night that’s “going to get wild.”
  7. hero intern
    Daniel Hernandez: In Praise of the InternWith only five days on the job, intern Daniel Hernandez saved Gabrielle Giffords’s life.
  8. goldman sachs
    One of the Worst Things About Working at Goldman Sachs Is How Jealous Everyone Is of You“People envy you for working there … it’s pretty bad.”
  9. interns
    In Thinly Veiled Journalistic Hazing Ritual, New York Post Sends Its Underage Intern on an Extensive Bar CrawlBoozing under the guise of reporting.
  10. white men with white underpants
    Wall Street Experiencing Shrinkage in Pre-Trading HoursAn early-morning commuter in the financial district took an amazing photo of one poor lad sleeping off a bender.
  11. the future leaders of the free world
    Intern Season in D.C. Gets Off to a Promising StartD.C. interns are in the House! Or rather, they’re headed there.
  12. brushes with greatness
    New York Intern Confesses: ‘I Was Hot Gal Next to A-Rod and His ‘Hot Gals’’A New York intern we’ll call Jane Blonde was on vacation in the Bahamas this weekend when, suddenly, she came face-to-orange-face with A-Roid and his lusty ladies!
  13. intel
    It’s the End of the Summer: Time to Share Your Nightmare-Intern Stories!Had a bad intern this summer or in seasons past? Tell us about it! (No, not, like, ‘tell us about it’ — our own interns are great. We mean actually describe him or her to us in the comments section!)
  14. gossipmonger
    It’s His PrerogativeBobby Brown beefed up security in Australia because he still thinks Osama bin Laden is after him. Former party girl Taylor Stein, who just had a baby with William Lauder, has dated a lot of very, very wealthy older men. A documentary producer claims Bobby Kennedy got into a shouting match with Marilyn Monroe the night she died, and not in the bedroom where her body was found. Mom of the Year Dina Lohan is being sued for allegedly failing to pay back a $400,000 loan she used to jump-start Lindsay’s music career. ABC misspelled Whoopi Goldberg’s name in a press release announcing her as the new host of The View. Rudy Giuliani made up for the fact that the Yankees lost Eric Gange to the Red Sox by raising $350,000 at a Greenwich fund-raiser. Chelsea Clinton tried, and failed, to quietly read Harry Potter on the 6 train. CBS News execs are not pleased with the performance of some of the company’s interns. Tyra Banks attended a party for her Air Force cadet brother, who is going to Iraq.
  15. gossipmonger
    Oprah’s Politics ClubOprah is throwing a $2,300-a-head fund-raiser for Barack Obama at her ranch in Montecito, California, and it’s sold out. Writer Robert Olen Butler’s wife, Elizabeth Dewberry, left him for Ted Turner, perhaps because Turner resembles the grandfather who once molested her. The Good Morning America intern who posed nude (for Playboy) is named Lace Rose Allenius, and she once dated Matt Dillon. Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Billy Crystal, and Joe Torre won a charity golf tourney by nine strokes. Uma Thurman is dating Elle Macpherson’s ex, Swiss banker Arky Busson. Lindsay Lohan’s bodyguard has received half-million-dollar offers to sell her out, but he won’t do it. Members of Usher’s camp maintain that fiancée Tameka Foster made up her “baby scare” so Usher would talk to her. Cindy Sheehan sang along to Cypress Hills’ “Fuck the Pigs” while drinking beer at a Randalls Island concert.
  16. company town
    Shamed Analyst Sues Fox Over ‘Borat’FINANCE • A former JPMorgan analyst is suing Twentieth Century Fox for Borat-related “public ridicule, degradation, and humiliation.” [DealBreaker] • Wachtell, Lipton sent around a memo to clients explaining a tax loophole that makes CFO salaries over $1 million tax deductible. Thus was the first rule of the tax-loophole club broken. [DealBook/NYT] • In a study of hours worked in developed nations, the U.S. only ranks sixth. Somehow, we got beat by Australia and New Zealand. [CNNMoney]
  17. the morning line
    New Jersey and Stewart Airport, Perfect Together • The Port Authority has permission from New Jersey’s acting governor to buy or build two new airports outside its normal area of operations. The first one will be Stewart International, 65 miles from New York; next up, Atlantic City? [NYDN] • The plan to open a secular Arabic-studies school in Park Slope is nearly dead in the face of a massive and misguided outcry from parents and media who thought it would be a madrassa; the Sun, for instance, suggested we “break out the torches and surround City Hall to stop this monstrosity.” [NYT] • An eBay official is testifying in the Peter Braunstein case to list the items the crazed ex-journalist bid on in preparation for his crimes: firefighter gear, handcuffs, a gas mask, potassium nitrate, a Detroit cop badge, a FDNY sticker, and a camcorder. [WNBC] • A unique surgery healed a Long Island 3-year-old from a case of the permanent giggles doctors dubbed the Joker Face. (It’s actually a very rare form of epilepsy, caused by a tumor on the hypothalamus.) [Newsday] • And we’re shocked — shocked! — to report an intern scandal in the halls of power. Republican Mike Cole has become the first-ever assemblyman to get officially censured for spending a night in a female intern’s apartment. Granted, he was merely watching the NHL playoffs there, with a bunch of other people present, but still. [NYP]