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  1. WATCH: This Guy Creates Overly Elaborate Machines to Complete Simple TasksBut they aren’t exactly the most efficient.
  2. The Ultimate Hoodie Has Finally Arrived, and It Even Has a Detachable Eye CoverIt also has something we don’t understand called a “lover’s pocket.”
  3. This Washing Machine Uses Zero ElectricityGood-bye, weekly trips to the laundromat.
  4. Car Commercials Don’t Need to Be Shot With an Actual Car AnymoreSame goes for car-chase scenes.
  5. This Invention Makes It Easier for People With Disabilities to Go SwimmingIt involves an “amphibious wheelchair.”
  6. Someone Invented a Vending Machine for BooksWe hope this catches on in the U.S.
  7. This Machine Lays Roads of Massive Sheets of BrickIt’s like rolling out a brick carpet.
  8. This Urn Turns You Into A Tree After You DieSo, uh, Beech or Birch?
  9. This Air Conditioner Could Solve Some of the Worst Things About Air ConditionersIt (probably) won’t fall out your window and kill someone. So that’s an improvement.
  10. This Alarm Clock Will Literally Shock You Into ConsciousnessThat’ll teach you to snooze.
  11. This Guy Created a Homemade Hoverbike, and It Actually FliesDon’t try this at home, kids.
  12. it’s a gas
    Introducing the FartmobileA British company has unveiled the prototype of a car that runs on human waste.