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  1. feature
    The Wall Street Billionaire and the Ultimate College HedgeDavid E. Shaw’s broad, risk-averse strategy, applied to university admissions.
  2. Sessions Executes Strategic Retreat to Recusal, But Leaves Questions UnansweredAs expected, the attorney general took himself out of the investigation of Trump campaign contacts with Russia. He also made some weird excuses.
  3. emailgate
    State Department to Reopen Internal Review of Clinton EmailsYou will never stop hearing about her damn emails.
  4. self-driving cars
    Tesla Under Investigation After Fatal Crash Is Linked to Self-Driving SystemA Tesla Model S hit a tractor-trailer in Florida while in “Autopilot” mode in May.
  5. scary things
    Investigators Taking Another Look at Texas Fertilizer Plant ExplosionRelease the conspiracy theories.
  6. the future is coming
    Apple Finally Lets Google Voice on the iPhoneAnd it only took sixteen months!