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  1. plagued
    Mad ScientistsNowhere is the lab-leak debate more personal than among the experts investigating the origins of COVID.
  2. investigations
    The Vaping Industry Has Gone RogueJuul’s been dethroned. Mysterious upstarts sell banned flavors shipped in from China. Counterfeits are everywhere. And the authorities seem hopeless.
  3. investigations
    The Delay Behind the Monkeypox Vaccine ShortageThe FDA took months to inspect a critical plant in Europe, leaving Americans without enough shots as the outbreak grows.
  4. investigations
    The Air-Ambulance VulturesThe search for why my emergency flight cost $86,184 led me to a hidden culprit: private equity.
  5. tish james
    Letitia James Is Going After Gas-Price GougersThe state attorney general is probing oil-industry practices, as companies like Exxon rake in big bucks while consumers pay more.
  6. crime
    What It Was Like to Face the Monster of Sarah LawrenceMy encounters with Larry Ray.
  7. new york city
    ‘This Is a Disaster’What I learned listening to secret recordings of the agency trying to investigate the city’s lifeguard corps.
  8. investigations
    The Lab-Leak HypothesisFor decades, scientists have been hot-wiring viruses in hopes of preventing a pandemic, not causing one. But what if …?
  9. investigations
    What’s the Deal With Andrew Cuomo’s Nipples? An InvestigationGroping for levity and searching for answers beneath the New York governor’s thin white polo shirt.
  10. investigations
    The Prep-School NaziBefore he was Norman Spear, hate group founder and possible Russian asset Rinaldo Nazzaro was just another Jersey boy.
  11. investigations
    With Larry Ray’s Arrest, Families of His Alleged Victims Breathe Sigh of Relief“We’re just so happy and grateful,” said a survivor’s relative of the federal indictment prompted by New York’s reporting.
  12. impeachment
    Does Trump Want to Be Impeached?Is the president one step ahead of his opponents?
  13. investigations
    House Judiciary Begins Probe of Trump’s Alleged Corruption and ObstructionThe panel has requested documents from 81 people and entities tied to Trump.
  14. investigations
    Jussie Smollett Charged With Filing a False Police ReportThe indictment, which carries a felony charge, was handed down Wednesday evening.
  15. russia investigation
    Judge Allows White-collar Criminal to Wear White Collar to CourtPaul Manafort will be allowed to wear one of his expensive suits, not a prison jumpsuit, to court Friday.
  16. politics
    Pelosi Returns to Speakership With a Far More Cohesive Democratic MajorityPelosi’s last House majority had significant divisions and bore the burden of Obama’s agenda. Today’s Democrats must only fight and investigate Trump.
  17. crime
    The Serial Killer and the ‘Less Dead’Samuel Little may have murdered more people than anyone in U.S. history. This is the story of how he was caught — and why he almost got away.
  18. house democrats
    Messaging or Investigating? How Should House Democrats Use Their Limited Power?Take a lesson from the GOP, Democrats, and focus on regaining power more than arguing over how it will be used.
  19. the democrats
    Democrats Might Be Too Afraid of Power to Aggressively Investigate TrumpModerates in the House are warning their party that it would be politically risky to aggressively investigate Trump. They couldn’t be more wrong.
  20. investigations
    What Exactly Did Paul Manafort Do to Earn That $66 Million?He averted a trial, and with it, the chance for the public to learn more about the most suspicious parts of his long and shady résumé.
  21. select all
    13 Reasons to Believe Aliens Are RealHow seriously should you take those recent reports of UFOs? Ask the Pentagon. Or read this primer for the SETI-curious.
  22. climate change
    The Rockefellers vs. Exxon, the Company That Made Them the RockefellersThe family that pioneered the oil industry in America wants to expose what Exxon hid from the public about climate change.
  23. Officials Investigating $300 Million Contract to Restore Power in Puerto RicoThe company that got the job has ties to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.
  24. Shooter Had List With the Names of 6 Congresspeople, Says FBIBut officials say the evidence indicates the attack was more “spontaneous” than premeditated, though the investigation continues.
  25. How Far Will the Right Go in Blaming the Left for the Alexandria Shootings?Some commentators are taking the argument to some disturbing lengths.
  26. investigations
    Mayor de Blasio Will Reportedly Get Home-Field Advantage in Interview With FedsFeds have been probing the mayor’s fundraising activities related to his campaign and now-closed nonprofit.
  27. Traces of Explosives Found on Victims of EgyptAir CrashIt now seems likely an intentional act brought down the airliner.
  28. Hoboken Train Was Going Twice the Speed Limit Before Crash, Says NTSBPreliminary findings contradict the engineer’s statement about the crash.
  29. What We Know About the Hoboken Crash So FarOne black box wasn’t working, another is still stuck among debris, and the train engineer has no recollection of the crash.
  30. FBI Looking for Two Men Who Stole Suitcase, Left Bomb BehindOfficials want to question them for information and get the luggage back as evidence.
  31. Father of Bombing Suspect Told Police His Son Was a Terrorist Two Years AgoThe 28-year-old Rahami also wrote rambling notes that mentioned the Boston Marathon bombers and other terrorists.
  32. Children’s Services Is Investigating Anthony WeinerThe ex-politician confirmed he received a letter from the welfare agency.
  33. A Beginner’s Guide to the Many Investigations Involving Mayor Bill de BlasioThere are at least five (that we know of). 
  34. investigations
    FBI Has Questions About Rat-Proof-Trash-Bag DealThe FBI showed up unannounced at the Parks Department headquarters last week.
  35. investigations
    Inside Rikers Island, Through the Eyes of the People Who Live and Work ThereWhat everyday life is really like inside the troubled jail, in the words of inmates, correction officers, and the man tasked with fixing it.
  36. investigations
    Inside Rikers Island, Through the Eyes of the People Who Live and Work ThereJail has a smell. Worse than a sewer. People on the outside could never understand.
  37. what’s the matter with wisconsin?
    Scott Walker Allegedly Led ‘Criminal Scheme’ to Skirt Election LawNot good.
  38. oh albany!
    Bharara Looking Into Closing of Corruption PanelJust making sure that nothing corrupt happened there, either.
  39. international incidents
    Aiding the FBI’s Benghazi Investigation Is a Deadly JobSome fifteen people have died doing it.
  40. investigations
    Whose Enormous Chicken Boner Did Bill Clinton Draw?Bob Dole’s? Or his own?
  41. everybody loves statistics
    Who’s Counting Children’s Accidental Gun Deaths?The New York Times is trying.
  42. stand clear of the closing doors
    How Often Do People Poop Between Moving Subway Cars?Not very often, probably. 
  43. shootings
    Even Ray Kelly Unsure Why NYPD Shot Noel PolancoHe’s called for a grand jury investigation into the 22-year-old’s death.
  44. investigations
    Sheldon Adelson’s Vegas Casinos Targeted in Money-Laundering ProbeAdelson himself is not being investigated, but it doesn’t make him look great.
  45. neighborhood news
    NYPD and Feds Bust Illegal Gambling Ring in ChinatownOperation Snake Eyes.
  46. not-so-secret service
    The DEA Likes Prostitutes, Too, AllegedlyThree DEA agents are under investigation for misconduct in Colombia.
  47. jpmorgan chase
    FBI Jumps on the JPMorgan Investigation Bandwagon The FBI has plenty of company.
  48. investigations
    White Plains Police Cleared in Killing of Kenneth ChamberlainEvidence will be released to the public.
  49. scandal-stained wretches
    U.S. Senator Curious About News Corp. Phone HackingJay Rockefeller has asked Lord Justice Brian Leveson if there’s anything he should know.
  50. not-so-secret service
    Name of the Secret Service’s Infamously Cheap Agent Revealed A Maryland father of two. 
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