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  1. Grassley: Non-Wealthy People Would Waste Tax Cuts on ‘Booze or Women or Movies’It’s an implicit part of conservative economic theory that investors are the only people who matter. But most GOP pols don’t say it out loud.
  2. Dow Soars Past 20,000 Milestone As Greed Trumps FearDespite the uncertainty surrounding Trump’s policies and their long-term impact, investors see nothing but green in his pro-corporate leanings.
  3. internet gold
    Lists + Politics + GIFs = $19.3 Million in Funding for BuzzFeedOMG!
  4. party like it’s 1999
    To Reward Zipcar for Net Losses of $14 Million, Investors Just Made It a Billion-Dollar CompanyIt’s so rosy from inside the bubble.
  5. fun with numbers
    How Much Money Would You Have Made If You Were Facebook’s First Investor?A whole heaping lot.