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    Sending This Text Message Could Crash Your Friend’s iPhoneA new Apple iOS bug is crashing phones and locking users out of messaging apps.
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    Apple Slows Down, Refocuses iOS Development on Stability and PerformanceFewer flashier new features, more behind-the-scenes work.
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    Here’s How to Use Your iPhone’s Built-in Venmo FeatureGetting your friends to pay you back for that brunch you supposedly “split” just got easier.
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    The Week Apple Broke the AlphabetTurns out, we didn’t really need the letter I after all.
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    Apple Finally Releases a Fix for That Weird A[?] Autocorrect BugPlease prepare yourself to become an ‘I’ again.
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    iOS 11 Can’t Properly Add 1+2+3I don’t know where Apple went to school, but 1+2+3 doesn’t add up to 23.
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    Here’s How to Download Apple’s 70 New EmojiHighlights include an adorable porcupine, a cursing face that also censors itself, and a curling stone (for all of your curling-related emoji needs).
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    iOS 11’s Misleading Settings Leave Your iPhone Seriously Vulnerable to AttackiOS 11’s always-on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings pose some serious security risks.
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    How to Turn Off iOS 11’s Driving Mode If You Never DriveUse public transit? You’ll want to learn how to turn this feature off.
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    If You’re a Woman, You Need to Turn on ‘Emergency SOS’ on Your iPhoneThe new feature allows you to quickly and inconspicuously contact emergency services with just the push of a button.
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    Check to See Which Apps iOS 11 Will Brick Before You UpdateSome of your older apps may not be able to make the journey with you to iOS 11.
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    11 Cool New Things You Can Do in iOS 11Built-in Venmo, screen-recording, and a whole lot more!
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    10 Things I’m Loving About Apple’s New iOSScreen-recording, photo effects, and more!
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    The Coolest New Features in iOS 11From Apple’s version of Venmo to passwordless Wi-Fi.