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  1. queries
    Why Apple Apps Regularly Outrank Competitors in SearchThe company says it is making changes so that its own products don’t bury competitors’.
  2. cybersecurity
    Apple Downplays Enormous iOS Security Hole Found by GoogleThe company issued a rare response to disclosures Google made last week.
  3. security
    Google Found Huge Holes in iOS Security (It’s Fixed Now)The discoveries pose new questions about how secure iOS really is.
  4. shhhh
    The Best iPhone Alarms Are Hidden in the Bedtime FeatureAn alternative to being startled awake by a terrible noise that you hate.
  5. Petcube Hands-on: Is This Tricked-Out Smart Pet Gadget Worth the Money?There’s a remote-controlled laser pointer and a social network for pets baked in.
  6. tech boot camp
    Did You Know Your iPhone Now Comes With a GIF App?Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 12, comes with an app called Shortcuts, which makes it very easy to make GIFs on your phone.
  7. tech boot camp
    How to Use Your Phone to Use Your Phone LessThe “hair of the dog” method for screen addiction.
  8. tech boot camp
    9 iOS Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier (and Troll Your Friends)With great macro power comes great responsibility.
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    Apple Closes Security Loophole, Sets Up Another Fight With Law EnforcementApple narrowly avoided the Supreme Court in 2016. Will it do so again?
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    Apple Releases Animoji, Battery Fix With iOS 11.3You’ll also get enhanced privacy controls.
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    Apple Is Under Investigation for iPhone SlowdownsThe DOJ and SEC are looking into it.
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    The Next iPad Will Probably Lose the Home Button, Get Face IDThe home button is quickly disappearing from iOS devices.
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    There’s a Bizarre Autocorrect Bug on iPhones. Here’s How to Fix ItA strange bug in iOS is making it really tough to talk about yourself.
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    Apple Adds So-called “Cop Button” to iOS 11For when you need to protect your data quickly.
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    Did Deidre Scaramucci Get iMessage Confetti From the Mooch?An investigation into the question plaguing the country.
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    The 10 Things You Need to Know From Apple’s Big Event TodayFrom HomePod to High Sierra.
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    Apple Says It’s Patched Vulnerabilities Exposed by WikiLeaksJust make sure your OS is up to date.
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    iOS Rating-System Update Lets Developers Fight With Users in the CommentsYou’ll no longer be constantly asked to leave a review.
  19. Finally, You’ll Be Able to Uninstall the Stocks App From Your iPhoneFinally.
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    Why Your iPhone’s Links Are Broken in Safari and MailIt’s actually the developers’ fault.
  21. Two Very Good Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 9.3 As Soon As PossibleApple fixed two major security bugs in its latest iOS upgrade.
  22. Siri Will Never Leave You, and Other iOS 9 FactsThe big news is Apple News.
  23. the future is coming
    Apple’s Fall Event Sounds Like a Steve Jobs SNL SketchSteve Jobs anticipates tech needs you haven’t even dreamed of.