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    The New iPhone Keyboard Sounds Are the Best Thing About This YearThe new iOS might be a slowly improving mess. But one thing about it is perfect: the sounds the keyboard makes.
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    Apple’s New Peach Emoji Doesn’t Look Like a Butt (But We’re Getting a Face Palm)Women get jobs! Harambe gets an emoji!
  3. Security Warning: Update Your iPhone’s iOS Now. Like, Right Now.A security hole could let someone do serious damage to your iPhone.
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    4 Things You’ll Have to Get Used to in iOS 10 (and How to Get Used to Them)Change is never easy. Here are four things that may trip you up as you move from iOS 9 to iOS 10.
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    The Messages Problem: Can Apple Actually Open Up Its Walled Garden?Messages is now a mess. Is Apple nimble enough to create software that can play nicely with the outside world?
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    T-Mobile: Don’t Update to iOS 10 Yet!The company is asking customers to not update for fear of losing all mobile connection to the carrier.
  7. How to Remove iMessage Stickers So You Can Actually Read Your TextsStickers are tied for iOS 10’s most fun and most annoying feature.
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    How to Use iMessage (to Annoy the Hell Out of Your Friends)Stickers are just the beginning.
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    How to Install iOS 10 Without Killing Your PhoneAlready bricked your iPhone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
  10. Everything You Need to Know About The New EmojiWomen get careers! Santa gets a beard! Poop gets more realistic!
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    iMessage’s New Stickers and Apps Make It Apple’s Own Social NetworkThese new fun features are available today in iOS 10.
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    6 Things I Love About iOS 10Bye-bye, Stocks app!
  13. Here Are All the Crucial Ways Your iPhone Is About to ChangeSay good-bye to your current iPhone experience.
  14. The 7 New Features That Are About to Radically Change iPhone MessagesEmoji! Video! Invisible ink!
  15. Apple Just Made a Ton of Huge Changes to Its Messages AppBig Emoji. Predictive Emoji. Handwritten messages.
  16. Your iPhone Is About to Look Very Different — Here’s the Biggest ChangeBrace yourself.