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Ipad Therefore I Am

  1. tablet-stained wretches
    The Daily Is the ‘Top Grossing’ iPad AppWhat the what?
  2. ipad therefore i am
    Playboy Catalogue Will Be Available on the iPad — UncensoredAt long last you will be able to make nearby commuters uncomfortable on the subway.
  3. ipad therefore i am
    People Just Aren’t Buying Magazine iPad AppsWho is surprised by this?
  4. ipad therefore i am
    Rupert Murdoch’s Tablet Tabloid: How He Can Pull It OffCrunching the numbers and ideas behind News Corp.’s exciting new project.
  5. ipad therefore i am
    GQ Sells 365 Copies of First iPad IssueMagazine remains optimistic: “Everything is profit.”
  6. iPad Reviews: The Best of the HyperboleAn iPad is a person! Who will save us all!
  7. ipad therefore i am
    iPad Debut Weekend Sales Projected to Exceed ExpectationsEstimated 700,000 units of the device sold since Saturday morning.
  8. ipad therefore i am
    Steve Wozniak Doesn’t Mind Waiting in Line for an iPadIt gives him a chance to show off his magic tricks.
  9. ipad therefore i am
    David Carr Defends His iPad LustThe ‘Times’ media writer has been a little zesty in his appreciation for the new device.
  10. ipad therefore i am
    Pogue: iPad Is ‘Not Going to Rescue Newspapers and Books’’Times’ expert offers first review of the eagerly awaited device.
  11. ipad therefore i am
    Bloomberg Ready With Free-Content iPad AppIt’s one of the only media outlets offering its news for free.