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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: The Best Phone Around — for NowSamsung made a really, really nice phone. And it doesn’t blow up!
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    Apple Investigating Exploding iPhone 7Move over Samsung, there’s a new smoking phone in town.
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    Woman Likely Didn’t Scam 20 Boyfriends Into Buying Her 20 iPhone 7sA girl can dream, though.
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    Apple’s New Portrait Mode Is Gonna Take Over Instagram, for Better or WorseYour Instagram feed is about to look a lot different, but it’s not because of changes made by Instagram.
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    Is Your iPhone 7 Hissing at You?New iPhone owners are reporting some strange sounds.
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    The 5 Things People Are Saying About Apple’s New iPhoneA look at the early reviews of Apple’s newest phone.
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    Don’t Fall for This Hoax and Drill Into Your iPhone 7 for a Headphone JackYou can’t believe everything you read online.
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    If You Want a Jet-Black iPhone 7, You’re Going to Have to WaitAt this point, what’s a few more weeks.
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    If You Want to Make Any Money Selling Your iPhone, You Better Do It SoonYou’ve got about a month.
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    Turn Your Old iPhone Into an iPhone 7 With This One Weird DeviceFill in your headphone jack with the Apple Plug.
  11. All the New iPhone Changes You’ll Need to Explain to Your Parents LaterGood-bye, headphone jack.
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    Apple Finally Killed the 16GB iPhone You Never Should Have Bought AnywayThe iPhone 7 starts at a respectable 32 gigs.
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    The Most Important Things You Need to Know From Today’s Apple EventThinking about buying a new iPhone? Worried about your headphone jack? Read this.
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    How to Watch Apple’s Keynote TomorrowOur guide to watching Apple’s big event.
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    Our Predictions for the iPhone 7Here’s what we think Tim Cook & Co. will be showing off on September 7.
  16. When Is Apple Announcing the iPhone 7? Tech’s Biggest Mystery Nears ConclusionThings seem to be a bit up in the air in Cupertino.