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Iphone Therefore I Am

  1. iphone therefore i am
    Man Arrested for Repeatedly Calling 911 About Malfunctioning iPhoneIf only he could have asked Siri whether this was a good idea.
  2. iphone therefore i am
    Journal: The iPhone 5 Is Coming to Sprint in Mid-OctoberLet us rejoice and be glad.
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    Apple Deigns to Explain Privacy Tracking So You Noobs Will Shut Up Already JeezAlso they blame a “bug.”
  4. iphone therefore i am
    Privacy Panic of the Day: Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every MoveAnd it REMEMBERS.
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    WSJ: Apple To Produce New iPhone For Verizon By End Of YearApple will have new version of smartphone ready by end of year.
  6. iphone therefore i am
    Obviously, iPhone’s FaceTime Feature Will Be Used for PornThis was bound to happen.
  7. iphone therefore i am
    Jailbreaking Is No Longer IllegalOnly in the iPhone sense of the word.
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    Apple Still Dominating in Spite of Recent Obstacles“Phone is still ringing off the hook” for iPhones.
  9. iphone therefore i am
    Steve Jobs Is Darth Vader NowAccording to yet another hilarious Taiwanese CGI creation.
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    Apple Will Humor People Who Think There’s a Problem With the iPhone 4There is no problem, really, but they’re giving away free cases anyway.
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    Will Apple Announce a Mass iPhone Recall Friday?Press conference has been scheduled.
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    Apple Busted for Deleting Customer CommentsPR mess gets worse.
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    Will Apple Recall the iPhone 4?Some PR experts think it has no choice.
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    Consumer Reports Can’t Recommend Phone That Breaks When You Touch ItThe magazine has tested the iPhone 4, and it is not pleased.
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    Apple Admits iPhone Was Just Pretending It Had Good ReceptionIPhones have been displaying two more bars than they should have.
  16. iphone therefore i am
    Verizon Customers May Finally Be Able to Get iPhonesIn just seven months!
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    The Inevitable iPhone Video Sex Chat Services BeginOn Craigslist, of course.
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    Apple Says to Stop Holding Your iPhone With Your Hand Like an IdiotWe thought Apple customers were supposed to be tech-savvy.
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    Apple Knows You Will Wait in the Sun and Rain for the iPhone 4This morning they were prepared with umbrellas to lend out for both eventualities.
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    Would You Rather Have the New iPhone, or Jane Lynch?Eighty-four percent of people would rather have a two-year contract with the ‘Glee’ star.
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    What’s So Great About the New iPhone?A lot of things, which Steve Jobs detailed today.
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    Is the Verizon iPhone Finally Coming This Summer?And will it be thinner and faster than the current iPhone?
  23. iphone therefore i am
    ‘New York Is Not Ready for the iPhone’ [Updated]That’s what AT&T customer service says, anyway.