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  1. the top line
    Casper Will Go Public, Offering the Latest New and Exciting Way to Lose MoneyDon’t call Casper a mattress company. Casper, which filed paperwork to go public on Friday, says it is “a pioneer of the Sleep Economy.”
  2. ipos
    Slack Is a Boring Company. That’s Why Its Stock Was Exciting.Maybe other tech companies can adopt its unorthodox strategy of “selling a service for money.”
  3. manhattan real estate
    A Slice of the Empire State Building Starts at $13The Empire State Realty Trust prices its IPO.
  4. twitter
    New Rumors Are Predicting a Twitter IPO for 2014It’s coming. Maybe. Finally?
  5. real estate
    The Empire State Building Is Going PublicThe company that owns the famous skyscraper filed for a $1 billion IPO today.
  6. technology
    Facebook IPO Might Be Filed Next WeekThe anticipation is still building!
  7. ipos
    Pandora Stock Debuts at $16 a ShareThis morning’s IPO is on the move.
  8. sec no evil
    SEC Contemplates Relaxing Rules for Start-ups Like Facebook [Updated]Kind of like a big deal.
  9. the future is coming
    Facebook Made a (Nontheoretical!) $2 Billion in Sales in 2010Real money, instead of pretend.