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  1. international affairs
    U.S. Air Strikes Target Iran-Backed Militias in Syria and IraqThe Pentagon said Biden ordered the strikes in retaliation for recent drone attacks on U.S. personnel by Iran-backed militias.
  2. foreign interests
    This Week May Be Biden’s Last Chance to Revive the Iran DealThe U.S and Iran are at odds over who should make the first move. Indirect talks in Vienna this week will aim to bridge that gap.
  3. world view
    Are the U.S. and Iran Heading for War?An Intelligencer chat about the increasingly alarming possibility.
  4. world view
    Trump’s Iran-Deal Exit Delivered More Risk, No RewardOne year later, there are no signs that Trump’s strategy is working, and both sides are making increasingly dramatic moves that raise fears of war.
  5. Trump Press Allies to Quit Importing Iranian Oil By November 4The president appears to be engineering a spike in energy prices on the eve of the midterm elections.
  6. foreign policy
    Trump’s Credibility Problem Is Now America’sThe president’s propensity for breaking agreements and surprising our allies is damaging America’s international reputation and ability to lead.
  7. foreign policy
    Trump Pushes a New International Order Based on U.S. BullyingThe administration thinks military might, and threatening to use it, are key. Iran and North Korea developments show the plan is off to a shaky start.
  8. foreign policy
    Trump’s Iran-Deal Exit Has Raised the Risk of War, Even Faster Than ExpectedIsrael and Iran are running out of reasons not to escalate their low-key conflict in Syria into a broader regional catastrophe.
  9. Trumpism Is Having Its Best Week EverTrump has taken his signature agenda of racist immigration policy, naked corruption, and mindless belligerence on the world stage to new heights.
  10. Obama Calls Iran Deal Withdrawal a ‘Serious Mistake’He issued a long statement outlining his objections to President Trump’s decision.
  11. Trump Withdraws United States From Iran Nuclear DealThe president’s decision to pull out of a nuclear agreement — that Tehran was complying with — throws America’s relations with Europe into turmoil.
  12. Trump to Announce Decision on Iran Deal TuesdayThe president teased his announcement about the fate of the nuclear agreement as though it were a reality-show finale.
  13. politics
    Spy Firm Hired to Find ‘Dirt’ on Obama Officials, Possibly by Trump Team: ReportThe same firm Harvey Weinstein used to go after his accusers was apparently hired to discredit two Obama advisers who worked on the Iran deal.
  14. Trump Very Maturely Taunts John Kerry for Getting in Bike AccidentDuring a speech that was supposed to be about guns, natch.
  15. Trump Plans to Win Nuclear Deal With North Korea — While Killing One With IranThe president thinks he can get the North Koreans to disarm, while showing them that the U.S. can’t be trusted to hold up its end of such bargains.
  16. Trump Extends Iran Deal for What He Says May Be Final TimeHis advisers have reportedly convinced him not to rip it up for now.
  17. The U.S. and Israel Just Admitted the Iran Deal Is Worth KeepingBut Trump just might kill it anyway.
  18. foreign policy
    Trump to Let Congress Decide Fate of Iran Deal, Like Everything Else: ReportSupposedly that’s the conclusion he was hinting at on Wednesday, but he may still change his mind.
  19. The Iran Deal May Live After AllPresident Trump continues to speak loudly and carry a small stick.
  20. You Can Trust the Echo Chamber About That Controversial Ben Rhodes ProfileDavid Samuels argues that the critical response to his profile of Rhodes illustrates the hopelessness of “open, rational debate” in today’s media climate. He’s wrong.
  21. 10 Problems With NYT Mag’s Ben Rhodes ProfileDavid Samuels’s lamentation of the White House’s propaganda is, itself, a work of agitprop. Also, it attributes a quote to Samantha Power’s sneakers.
  22. deadlines
    It’s Official: The Iran Deal Started This WeekendNow the U.S. is getting ready to ease sanctions.
  23. media
    NYT Quietly Removes List of Jewish LawmakersFollowing accusations of anti-Semitism.
  24. Now Obama Doesn’t Even Need to Veto Anti-Iran-Deal ResolutionHouse Republicans are still considering how they could prevent the nuclear agreement from going into effect.
  25. iran deal
    Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, Iran-Deal EditionMeanwhile, Hillary Clinton defends an imperfect — if “strong” — agreement. 
  26. iran deal
    Iran Deal Supporters Keep Rolling In [Updated]Forty-two Senate Democrats now support the nuclear agreement. 
  27. iran deal
    Obama Now Has Enough Votes to Get a Big Iran Deal Win [Updated]On Wednesday, Barbara Mikulski became the 34th senator to support the nuclear agreement.
  28. early and often
    Obama Only Needs One More Vote to Secure the Iran DealTwo Democratic senators said they’ll vote in favor of the agreement.
  29. iran deal
    Harry Reid Backs the Iran Deal, Probably Thwarts GOP OppositionHe’s “cautiously optimistic” that he can rally enough Democrats to prevent an override of Obama’s veto.
  30. the national circus
    Why Are Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Still So High?Even after the debate fracas, the oft-predicted implosion in support for Trump has yet to materialize. Plus: Chuck Schumer’s opposition to the Iran deal and Caitlyn Jenner’s future as a public figure in this week’s edition of the National Circus.
  31. What’s Going to Happen With the Iran Deal Now That Chuck Schumer Hates It?Can the nuclear agreement survive without the New York senator’s support?
  32. Chuck Schumer Says He Won’t Vote for the Iran Deal“In my experience with matters of conscience and great consequence like this, each member ultimately comes to their own conclusion.”
  33. politics
    Huckabee Likens Iran Deal to Nazi CrematoriumIs Donald Trump contagious?
  34. iran deal
    John Kerry Tells Congress Not to Go Chasing Unicorns“That’s a fantasy, plain and simple.”
  35. north korea
    North Korea Would Like to Unsubscribe From All Nuclear-Talk Updates“We are clearly a nuclear power and nuclear powers have their own interests.”
  36. iran deal
    The Most Romantic Moments of the Iran-Deal Negotiations“He enjoys an evening of conversation, a bottle of wine, and a great meal. And sitting around and talking about a lot more than nuclear programs.”
  37. Could the Iran Deal Lead to an Economic Windfall?If sanctions are lifted, Western businesses may gain access to an enormous new market.
  38. diplomacy
    In Iran, People Are Literally Dancing in the Streets Over the Nukes DealSafe to say, a much more ebullient reaction than the deal is getting in D.C.
  39. foreign affairs
    What Critics Are Saying About the Iran DealSome of the pushback and praise being offered in response to Obama’s big diplomatic news.
  40. iran deal
    Nuclear-Talks Negotiators Want an Extension“And we still do not know yet whether we will be able to get there … We want to, we hope to, but we do not know.”
  41. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Finally Talks About the Iran Deal“I’m neither for nor against it.”
  42. playing catch-up
    Everyone Is Trying to Spin the Iran Deal Like Crazy Before Congress Comes BackErnest Moniz holds a press conference, and Republicans keep grumbling.