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Iran Nuclear Deal

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    U.S. ‘Prepared’ to Lift Sanctions to Return to Iran DealAlmost three years after Trump walked out of the historic agreement, the U.S. is again willing to lift sanctions to reduce nuclear enrichment in Iran.
  2. foreign interests
    This Week May Be Biden’s Last Chance to Revive the Iran DealThe U.S and Iran are at odds over who should make the first move. Indirect talks in Vienna this week will aim to bridge that gap.
  3. international affairs
    The More Complicated Crisis Biden Will Inherit With IranThe president-elect is determined to revive the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, but opponents of the agreement are doing their best to sabotage him.
  4. international affairs
    What We Know About the Assassination of Iran’s Top Nuclear ScientistIsrael was likely behind the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, but it’s not clear how much it will affect Iran’s nuclear program, or if Trump signed off.
  5. nonproliferation
    Iran Nixes Nuclear-Deal Commitments, Lifts Enrichment LimitsTrump’s maximum-pressure campaign has officially achieved the opposite of its supposed intent.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Angry Iran Is Breaking Deal Trump Already BrokeThe president does not seem to understand what “deals” are, or how they work.
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    How Worried Should We Be About Escalation With Iran?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether tit-for-tat provocations between the two countries will lead to something much scarier.
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    Bolton Warns Iran There ‘Will Be Hell to Pay’In a bellicose speech in New York on the same day as Trump’s unilateralist address to the U.N., Bolton expressed his hatred of diplomacy.
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    A Wild Conspiracy Theory About Obama Aides Circulated in the Trump White HouseA shadowy private Israeli intelligence firm seems to be the source and the propagator of a wild theory in which Ben Rhodes ran the news media.
  10. President Trump Threatens Iran in All Caps on TwitterHappy Monday, everyone!
  11. Pompeo Unveils Hyperaggressive Iran Strategy That Hints at Regime ChangeA set of demands the secretary of State knows will go unfulfilled.
  12. Europe Wants to Save the Iran Deal – But That Might Be ImpossibleThe EU is sick of being pushed around by Trump. But it’s not clear that it has the resources to defy America’s will.
  13. Iranian Lawmakers Burn U.S. Flag, Question Trump’s ‘Mental Capacity’Burning the American flag is not rare in Iran, but this appears to be the first time it’s ever happened on the floor of the country’s parliament.
  14. the national circus
    Following the Money in Trumpland Leads Ugly PlacesMichael Avenatti is doing what Woodward and Bernstein did — and revealing unvarnished bribery and collusion.
  15. Conservatives Confident Trump Has Thought Through Next Step of Iran StrategyThere’s no way Donald Trump would just go off half-cocked and pull out of a complicated international agreement with no idea what happens next, right?
  16. foreign policy
    Trump Continues to Rebrand America As Weird and FlakyPulling out of the Iran deal breaks a long U.S. foreign-policy tradition of avoiding surprises — and it works against all the president’s goals.
  17. Trump Withdraws United States From Iran Nuclear DealThe president’s decision to pull out of a nuclear agreement — that Tehran was complying with — throws America’s relations with Europe into turmoil.
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    What Happens After Trump Pulls Out of the Iran DealThe agreement doesn’t stop existing the moment Trump reimposes sanctions, but it’s hard to see how it can survive in the long run.
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    Iran Gains, Then Loses, Nuclear Weapons Program in White House ‘Clerical Error’The White House said Iran has, rather than had, a nuclear weapons program in what might be its most impressive typo yet.
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    Trump Buys Netanyahu’s Bad Case for Abandoning the Iran DealThe Israeli prime minister’s alleged bombshell offered no evidence of Iranian noncompliance and ample reason to keep the nuclear agreement in place.
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    Europe Reveals Its Latest Strategy for Managing TrumpIt’s a two-pronged affair with Emmanuel Macron leading the charm offensive and Angela Merkel talking tough.
  22. Trump Extends Iran Deal for What He Says May Be Final TimeHis advisers have reportedly convinced him not to rip it up for now.
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    The Undead Iran Nuclear DealTrump decertified it — and now might recertify it. Huh?
  24. Trump’s Case Against the Iran Deal Was Hallucinatory PoppycockA list of the president’s craziest claims.
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    Trump Is Letting Congress Determine the Iran Deal’s Fate. Here’s What It Can Do.Trump is hoping lawmakers will help him drive a tougher deal, but he shouldn’t count on that.
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    How Tillerson Is Trying to Save the Iran Deal From His BossIf you can’t work with a moron, work around him.
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    Trump Decertifying the Iran Deal Won’t Kill It — But There Will Be Dire EffectsHis reported plan to wound the agreement would anger U.S. allies, and make the delicate situations in Iran and North Korea more dangerous.
  28. Trump Plans to ‘Decertify’ the Iran Nuclear Deal Next WeekThe move will kick the deal to Congress, which will have 60 days to decide how to proceed.
  29. Trump Duped by Old Footage of Iranian Missile TestTweet, but verify.
  30. Trump Says He’s Made a Decision on Iran Deal But Won’t Say What It IsHe’s treating foreign policy like reality TV.
  31. The Iran Deal May Live After AllPresident Trump continues to speak loudly and carry a small stick.
  32. Unfortunately for Trump, the Iran Deal Is Still WorkingNew data from the International Atomic Energy Agency shows that Iran is cooperating with inspections, and in full compliance with the agreement.
  33. Trump May Be More Dangerous Than His Handlers RealizedTrump is starting to follow through on his most destructive ideas. And he has tariffs and the death of the Iran deal on his to-do list.
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    Trump’s Dangerous Game With IranThe nuclear deal was meant to reduce the risk of war. With the president backing away from it, get ready for fireworks.
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    Trump Recertifies Iran Nuclear Deal After Arguing With His Own Advisers: ReportHe had to be talked into it, and warned them that he won’t keep the deal indefinitely.
  36. Moderate Rouhani Wins Iranian Election in LandslideIranians rejected a right-wing nationalist challenger and reaffirmed their desire for greater social freedom and international co-operation.
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    Trump Orders Review of Iran Nuclear Deal, Though Iran Is ComplyingHe’s directed his administration to look into whether it’s “vital to the national security interests of the United States.”
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    Former Iranian President Rafsanjani Has Died, a Blow to Iran’s ReformistsHe had become one of of Iran’s most influential moderates, as well as a crucial supporter of rapprochement with the West.
  39. Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist Who Defected to America, Then Returned HomeShahram Amiri’s mysterious life as a reluctant spy has reached a dark ending.
  40. early and often
    Sanders Optimistic on Iran, Clinton SkepticalThey’re both in favor of the nuclear deal, but at Sunday’s debate they framed the future differently.
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    Four American Prisoners Released by IranThree of the prisoners have now arrived in Europe on their way home. 
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    Sanctions on Iran Lifted Following Nuclear Deal ComplianceThe country met its commitments under last summer’s nuclear agreement, and can now rejoin the world economic community. 
  43. the national interest
    The Iran Deal and the End of the Israel LobbyThere is no more “Israel lobby”; there is a red Israel lobby and a blue one.