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Iraq War

  1. 2012
    Obama Celebrates End of Iraq War, Campaigns at Fort BraggNorth Carolina could be crucial to the president’s reelection hopes.
  2. iraq war
    U.S. to Remove Troops From Iraq by the End of the Year“After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over.”
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Bill Keller Still Struggling With Iraq War ‘Unfinished Business’No longer the executive editor, Keller expounds on life as a liberal war hawk.
  4. iraq war
    Defector Admits WMD Tales Used to Justify War in Iraq Were a LieDecoding the Bush administration.
  5. cable news
    Talk Box: McConnell’s Earmark Flip Encourages at Least One LiberalBut Rachel Maddow is happy to point out his George W. Bush problem.
  6. loose lips
    Pentagon Gets Ready to Warn Iraqis Mentioned in New WikiLeaks DumpThe military braces itself for the expected release of 400,000 new documents.
  7. wikileaks
    WikiLeaks, the Sequel: Impending Iraq War Leaks Will Be Five Times As Big As the Ones on Afghanistan400,000 secret reports on the Iraq War could be released as soon as next week.