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  1. Reports: 3 Americans Kidnapped in BaghdadIf true, this would be the first abduction of Americans in Iraq in more than five years.
  2. scary things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Mall Attack in BaghdadThe attack, which involved a car bomb and multiple gunmen, is now over.
  3. ISIS Debuts New ‘Jihadi John’ in Latest Execution VideoThe Islamic State’s latest snuff film features a new balaclava-covered British executioner.
  4. islamic state watch
    In a ‘Proud Moment,’ Iraq Retakes Most of Ramadi From ISISThe battle isn’t over yet, though.
  5. ISIS May Be on the Verge of a Significant DefeatIraqi forces believe they are days away from retaking the city of Ramadi.
  6. paris attacks
    Iraq Says It Warned France of ‘Imminent’ AttacksIraqi officials say they passed along intelligence directly linking the attackers to ISIS.
  7. foreign affairs
    New Video Shows Raid on ISIS Prison by U.S. and Kurdish ForcesA member of the U.S. Delta Force, now identified, was the only rescuer killed in the operation. 
  8. dynasty warriors
    Jeb’s New Iraq Stance: My Brother’s ‘Mission Was Accomplished’Blaming the results of his brother’s war on Obama and Clinton is a bold move, and it probably won’t work.
  9. isis
    At Least 60 Dead After ISIS-Claimed Attack in Baghdad“There was blood everywhere, and people were running. It was really a horrible scene.
  10. awful things
    How ISIS Abducts, Recruits, and Trains Children to Become JihadistsThe brainwashed kids are even taught how to execute prisoners by practicing beheadings on dolls.
  11. international affairs
    U.S. Plans to Shift Iraq Strategy, Deploy More Troops After ISIS AdvancesObama admits there’s no “complete strategy” yet, but he’s expected to shift the focus to retaking Ramadi.
  12. foreign affairs
    Is It Time to Change the Strategy Against ISIS?After the fall of Ramadi, some are wondering if the U.S. is losing another war in Iraq.
  13. islamic state watch
    ISIS Seizes Another Iraqi CityAfter the military flees.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Blackwater Guards Sentenced for Killing Iraqis“I know for a fact that I will be exonerated, in this life and the next,” said one of the men.
  15. crimes against humanity
    U.N. Report Accuses ISIS of Crimes Against Humanity and GenocideThe United Nations Human Rights Office calls for war-crimes trials against the Islamic State.
  16. politics
    Explaining the Many Different Ways Congress Is Iffy About the ISIS AUMFGoing through the many different opinions on the White House’s draft resolution authorizing the use of military force against ISIS. 
  17. war
    American Deserter: Why AWOL U.S. Soldiers Are Most at Risk in CanadaIt used to be the safest place for a war deserter to go. Now it’s just about the worst destination.
  18. war
    The Riskiest Place for AWOL U.S. Soldiers Is CanadaIt used to be the safest place for a war deserter to go. Now it’s just about the worst destination.
  19. the national circus
    How Brian Williams and NBC Made His Scandal WorseThe anchor and the network badly flubbed the first attempt at an explanation. 
  20. the national interest
    Republicans Still Denying Bush Lied About IraqHe was cleared by all the committees that didn’t investigate him!
  21. oops
    Brian Williams Is Sorry That He Lied About Coming Under Fire in Iraq [Updated]A story he’s told repeatedly turned out to be less than accurate. 
  22. islamic state watch
    11 Photos of Christmas in Iraq’s Kurdish CapitalAs ISIS fights nearby.
  23. islamic state watch
    ISIS Leader’s Wife Tried to Move to Lebanon on a Fake PassportCan you blame her for wanting a vacation from Syria?
  24. ISIS May Join Forces With Al QaedaAt least for the time being.
  25. islamic state watch
    Obama Will Ask Congress for Permission to Fight ISISSomething to get done before the newly electeds take over.
  26. islamic state watch
    ISIS Deported an Old Widow From Fallujah for Wanting to Walk AloneMore dispatches from inside the Iraqi city.
  27. Iraq Claims ISIS Used Chemical Weapons in AttackThankfully, no one was seriously injured.
  28. islamic state watch
    ISIS Is Trying to Fly Fighter JetsUsing pilots left over from the Saddam Hussein era, according to a new report.
  29. horrible things
    U.S. Troops Were Injured by Old WMDs in Iraq, Which Doesn’t Mean Bush Was RightConservatives missed the point of the New York Times bombshell.
  30. biker gangs
    Badass Dutch Biker Gang Fighting ISIS in IraqBecause Europe is just too peaceful.
  31. islamic state watch
    Iraq’s Bumbling Military Accidentally Gave ISIS SuppliesUgh.
  32. international affairs
    Obama Admits U.S. Underestimated ISIS, Blames Iraq’s Prime MinisterOn 60 Minutes.
  33. islamic state watch
    More Than 3,000 Europeans Are Now Fighting for ISISStrikes continue against the group as the FBI identifies a beheading suspect.
  34. terrorble
    Iraq Claims ISIS Is Planning Subway Attacks in NYC and Paris U.S. officials don’t seem too worried.
  35. international affairs
    U.S. and Allies Begin Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria [Updated]But none of the United States’ partner nations have announced their involvement.
  36. international affairs
    The U.S. Goes on the Offensive Against ISISThe first 162 strikes didn’t count.
  37. foreign affairs
    Obama Announces 4-Point Plan to ‘Hunt Down’ ISIS TerroristsIncluding air strikes in Syria and sending in more U.S. troops.
  38. Obama Has a New, 3-Part Plan to Defeat ISIS What does Hillary think of it?
  39. NATO Coalition Plans to ‘Destroy’ ISISBut the red line is boots on the ground.
  40. foreign affairs
    Obama Sends 350 More Troops to IraqIt wasn’t a response to the new execution video.
  41. ISIS Laptop Shows Plans for Biological AttacksUh-oh …
  42. the national interest
    Iraq: Boy, That Escalated QuicklyA mountain rescue is turning into something more like a war.
  43. international affairs
    In Fight Against ISIS, U.S. Mulls Expanding into SyriaBut Congress may not be onboard.
  44. islamic state watch
    U.S. Forces Tried to Rescue Slain Journalist James Foley, Other ISIS HostagesISIS reportedly wanted a $100 million ransom, but the U.S. refused to pay.
  45. the national interest
    Bill Kristol Demands War, Has Not Been Informed It’s Already HappeningForeign-policy strategists can’t be expected to know everything.
  46. iraq
    Obama Delivers Fiery Attack on ISIS After Beheading of Journalist James Foley“There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread.”
  47. ISIS Seemingly Beheaded American Journalist James Wright Foley [Updated]And posted the video online.
  48. islamic state watch
    ISIS Slaughtered a Yazidi Village Because of One Man’s Refusal to ConvertDon’t make them mad.
  49. Iraqi Forces Claim They’ve Managed to Take Back the Mosul Dam [Updated]They can’t quite prove it just yet.
  50. international affairs
    ISIS Just Killed 80 More Yazidis in an Iraqi Village100 women were apparently taken captive.
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