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Iris Weinshall

  1. whose road is it anyway?
    Chuck Schumer Mysteriously Quiet About Bike Lane His Wife HatesHe’s refusing to comment on the Prospect Park West bike lane.
  2. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Are Powerful Forces Trying to Take Down Prospect Park West’s Bike Lane?Chuck and Mrs. Schumer get embroiled in the controversy.
  3. in other news
    The War of DOT Commissioner Succession City-commissioner succession issues don’t normally make for a captivating read. This time, however, with Iris Weinshall (a.k.a. Mrs. Chuck Schumer) vacating her job atop the Transportation Department, the mayor will choose between two replacements who subscribe to two very different schools of thought. And so things are getting a bit heated (and the last names, incidentally, exotic).
  4. early and often
    How Chic Is Our Power? Yesterday’s Times brought word that Nancy Pelosi’s elevation to House Speaker is changing not just Washington’s politics but also its fashion. “[W]ith the ascent of Nancy Pelosi, 66, widely recognized and admired for her Armani and easy fashion savvy, the days of the dowdy Washington dress code may be numbered,” wrote reporter Lizette Alvarez. She quoted Representative Mary Bono: “I am so sick of the matronly box — the rest of America doesn’t dress like that.” It made us wonder: Do New York’s big-shot female pols have better fashion sense than Washington’s? We pulled a bunch of photos of five Big Apple power players and gave them to New York fashionista Amy Larocca for a once-over. After the jump, her verdicts.