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  1. irony
    Why People Are Soundtracking Dance Videos With Old Voicemails on TikTokA new meme is a demonstration of how virality works online.
  2. tiktok
    What TikTok Is Depends on Where TikTok IsThe popular video app has been celebrated as wholesome — but meme aggregators ripping videos to other platforms are painting a different picture.
  3. select all
    The ‘Ironic Nazi’ Is Coming to an EndWhat happens when frictionless sharing meets a world that’s all friction.
  4. Trump Argues That No One Like Him Should Be Allowed Into the United StatesTrump argues that people who “don’t believe in our Constitution” and “support bigotry” shouldn’t be allowed to enter our country.
  5. irony
    Fire Breaks Out in Factory Full of Fire ExtinguishersThat’s embarrassing.
  6. irony
    Even Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Is Confused by Facebook’s Privacy Settings“Way uncool.”
  7. pre-fab metaphors
    The Roof Is Falling In on Federal Housing ProgramsHUD, heal thyself!
  8. best congress ever!
    Republicans Violate Constitution on ‘Love the Constitution Day’ [Updated]Oooh, bad day for that.
  9. Crisis-Defining Moment Occurs at Michael Moore PremiereWe know: annoying.
  10. neighborhood news
    Self-Identifying Hipsters Wanted for Reality-TV ShowA “major network” looks to Williamsburg.
  11. irony
    ‘Why Are the Hipsters So Small-Minded?’A ‘Real World’ cast member from Utah grapples with the ultimate irony.