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  1. international affairs
    Iraqi Lawmakers Vote to Expel U.S. As Fallout From Soleimani Strike WorsensIraq’s parliament, prime minister, and most powerful religious leader all want America out, and the U.S.-led fight against ISIS has come to a halt.
  2. politics
    Trump’s Own Officials Question Claim That Baghdadi Was ‘Crying’: ReportThe Pentagon has also failed to confirm Trump’s claim.
  3. world view
    Trump’s al-Baghdadi Triumphalism Doesn’t Match RealityTaking out the world’s most wanted terrorist is clearly a win for the U.S. — but the broader challenges posed by ISIS are no closer to being resolved.
  4. abu bakr al-baghdadi
    Press Conference Announcing the Death of al-Baghdadi Was Peak TrumpDehumanizing enemies, claiming he’d upstaged Obama, celebrating violence — Trump brought everything he had to the spectacle.
  5. president trump
    Trump: Kurds Are ‘Not Angels.’ In Fact, They’re ‘Worse at Terror’ Than ISISThe president explains that the forces his own administration allied with against ISIS were actually worse than ISIS all along.
  6. syria
    The Trump-Blessed War in Northeastern Syria Is Already a Complete DisasterAmerica’s abandoned Kurdish allies surrendered to Assad and Russia rather than face Turkey and the threat of ethnic cleansing alone.
  7. foreign interests
    Trump and Erdogan Are Only Increasing the Odds of an ISIS ComebackTurkey claims its attack on the Kurds, which Trump cleared the way for, is about securing “peace.” It’s likely to do the exact opposite.
  8. world view
    Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Is a Mistake We’re Doomed to RepeatMilitary and GOP leaders rebuked Trump over December’s abrupt Syria shift, but didn’t go far enough. Their latest complaints won’t rein him in either.
  9. foreign policy
    Trump Defends Syria Policy in Series of Wild, Authoritarian TweetsHe boasted of his “great and unmatched wisdom” and threatened to obliterate Turkey’s economy if the country displeases him.
  10. war
    White House Announces Turkey Will Soon Invade SyriaThe U.S. may be abandoning its Kurdish allies, as the White House moves remaining troops from the “immediate area” of the invasion in northern Syria.
  11. foreign interests
    The ‘Caliphate’ Is Defeated, But ISIS Is Just Getting StartedIn claiming responsibility for Sunday’s bombings in Sri Lanka, the terror group is advertising its enduring power to direct violence around the world.
  12. foreign policy
    U.S. Intel Chief Disputes Trump on North Korea and ISISKim Jong-un isn’t giving up his nukes and ISIS isn’t defeated, Dan Coats said Tuesday.
  13. ISIS Claims Second Deadly Attack of the WeekendAs Ramadan approaches, the group may be gearing up to flex whatever muscle it has left.
  14. international affairs
    Man Kills 1, Injures 4 in Paris Stabbing AttackThe ISIS-linked terrorist, who struck a popular neighborhood near the Paris Opera on Saturday night, was shot and killed by police.
  15. awful things
    Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 57 Afghans in Attack on Would-Be VotersThe attack was one of several targeting recent efforts to register voters in the country.
  16. Gunman, 3 Others Killed in French ‘Terrorist Attack’After shouting his allegiance to ISIS, the attacker began shooting.
  17. Strange But True: Headlines From the Middle EastFor years, people have talked about what the Middle East would look like if the United States took a more limited role. That time has come.
  18. U.S. Not Planning to Contribute Money to Iraq Reconstruction: ReportApparently, we can afford to spend $716 billion on our military, but not a penny more on rebuilding in ISIS’s former strongholds.
  19. ISIS Threatens Attacks on U.S. Soil After Trump’s Jerusalem Decision“We will do more ops in your land,” the terror group said on social media Thursday.
  20. terrorism
    An American Teen Tried to Join ISIS. Then Came His Second Chance.A U.S. judge makes a first-of-its-kind bet: Maybe a convicted terrorist should just go to rehab.
  21. awful things
    Death Toll in Sinai Mosque Attack Raised to 305Egypt suffered the deadliest terrorist attack in its modern history on Friday.
  22. isis
    U.S.-Backed Forces Retake Raqqa From ISISThe Syrian city the terror group considered the capital of their so-called caliphate has been liberated.
  23. Trump Sticks to Thoughts and Prayers in Speech on Las Vegas ShootingIn remarks on the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, Trump said a lot about God’s mercy, and nothing about ISIS’s (disputed) claim of responsibility.
  24. Vegas Shooter’s Father Was on FBI Most Wanted ListIt seems the mass murderer’s father was an armed bank robber who was on the lam from the Feds for years.
  25. Police Kill Suspect in Barcelona Van AttackHe was the last remaining at-large suspect in a terrorist cell.
  26. The Rise of Truck Attacks, the Terror Tactic of TodayIn 2017 alone, there have been at least nine such attacks around the world, resulting in nearly 40 deaths.
  27. U.S. May Bomb ISIS in the Philippines: ReportAs Tillerson meets with Duterte, the Pentagon mulls opening a new front in America’s war against the (so-called) Islamic State.
  28. Report: U.S. Air Strikes Are Killing Far More Civilians Under TrumpTrump’s strikes are killing more than 12 civilians per day.
  29. Is ISIS’s Elusive Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead?A respected human-rights group says he’s been killed. But ISIS calls it “fake news.” Who’s right?
  30. Iraqi Army Retakes Mosul From ISISThe brutal, months-long offensive has finally “liberated” Iraq’s second-largest city after three years of ISIS control.
  31. Trump Rejected Military’s ISIS Strategy Because It Was Too Similar to Obama’sThe White House reportedly asked the military for a new anti-ISIS plan because its first one was hard to “brand” as a break from Obama.
  32. foreign policy
    ISIS’s Caliphate Is Collapsing, But Don’t Celebrate Just YetThe jihadi group is losing land and resources. Defeating its nihilistic philosophy remains a much taller order.
  33. ISIS Allegedly Destroyed Mosul Mosque Where Its Leader Declared ‘Caliphate’Iraqi and coalition forces blame ISIS; ISIS blames the U.S.-led coalition.
  34. Russia Vows to Target U.S.-Backed Aircraft in Western SyriaTime to scratch “at least he won’t start a war with Russia” from your list of upsides to the Trump presidency.
  35. U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Warplane for First TimeSunday saw some unprecedented escalations in Syria’s long conflict, including a cross-border Iranian ballistic missile strike on ISIS.
  36. UN Says U.S. Air Strikes in Syria Have Resulted in ‘Staggering’ Civilian DeathsAt least 300 people have been killed in and around Raqqa since March.
  37. international affairs
    U.S. Special Forces Join Battle Against ISIS-Linked Group in PhilippinesThe assistance is reportedly limited to technical support, but likely reflects warmer relations between the countries under Trump.
  38. Iran Holds Saudi Arabia Responsible for Twin Terror Attacks in TehranISIS has taken credit for attacks that killed 12, but Iran has used that to accuse Saudi Arabia of involvement, heating up a regional crisis.
  39. Trump’s Terrorism Policy Is Dangerous — and Possibly a Political WinnerThe more attacks happen, the more his overheated talk seems warranted. And the more he talks, the less safe we become.
  40. scary things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Terrorist AttackThe group’s level of involvement remains unclear, but Prime Minister Theresa May said there’s been “far too much tolerance for extremism” in Britain.
  41. manchester bombing
    U.K. Authorities Believe Manchester Bomber Is Part of Larger NetworkAbedi traveled back and forth to Libya over the last few years, where his father returned as recently as 2011.
  42. How Trump Got Comfortable With Saudi Religious ExtremismIt’s true Saudi Arabia has been pushing a radical version of Islam. But for Trump, that fact was inconvenient.
  43. PissPigGrandad Is No MoreBrace Belden, back from Syria and readjusting to life in the Bay Area, has a new Twitter handle.
  44. Top ISIS Leader in Afghanistan Killed in RaidAbdul Hasib died in an April 27 raid, along with dozens of ISIS fighters, in eastern Afghanistan. He had led the terror group for less than a year.
  45. ISIS Appreciates the NRA’s WorkIn the new issue of its magazine, the terror group implores would-be jihadists to take advantage of America’s lax gun laws.
  46. ‘Mother of All Bombs’ Kills 36 ISIS Fighters in Afghanistan“It felt like the heavens were falling,” one local said.
  47. Report: White House Mulls Sending Thousands of U.S. Ground Troops Into SyriaH. R. McMaster is reportedly pressing his colleagues to consider sending up to 50,000 ground troops to fight ISIS.
  48. U.S. Drops ‘Mother of All Bombs,’ Biggest Non-Nuke Ever Used, in AfghanistanThe 22,000-pound bomb was dropped on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan.
  49. American-Led Air Strike Mistakenly Kills 18 Anti-ISIS Allies in SyriaThe strike was supposed to be on ISIS forces, but it hit fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces instead.
  50. awful things
    Palm Sunday Bombings at Coptic Churches in Egypt Kill at Least 40ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which are but the latest violence to strike Egypt’s Christian minority.
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