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  1. scary things
    ISIS Claims to Be Behind Ax Attack on German TrainA 17-year-old Afghan migrant wounded five before being shot and killed by police. 
  2. the national interest
    Donald Trump’s Brain Trust Has Some Ideas About How to Fight TerrorismLet’s consider these proposals with all the seriousness they deserve.
  3. the never-ending war in iraq
    U.S. Gears Up to Retake Mosul by Sending 560 More Troops to IraqThat brings the total number up to 4,600.
  4. awful things
    At Least 120 Dead After ISIS Car-Bomb Attack on Baghdad Shopping DistrictIt’s the third major terror attack in a Muslim country that has been linked to ISIS in less than a week.
  5. roundup
    As Profile of Orlando Shooter Develops, Questions About His Motives RemainWas Omar Mateen an ISIS-inspired terrorist, a self-loathing closet case, a mentally ill mass-murderer, or any or all of the above?
  6. Donald Trump Suggests President Obama Supports ISIS (Again)Trump retweets a supporter’s claim that the GOP nominee was “right” to question Obama’s commitment to defeating ISIS — and he has the documents to prove it.
  7. awful things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Killing French Police CaptainThe officer was stabbed outside his home, but his 3-year-old son survived.
  8. Hillary Clinton Says the Words ‘Radical Islamism’Now Republicans will have to explain what policy — other than Trump’s Muslim ban — is dictated by emphasizing the religious dimension of the terrorist threat.
  9. today in donald trump
    Trump Has ‘No Doubt’ Refugees Will Stage a 9/11-Scale Attack in U.S.Because he can’t believe they have cell phones, so their monthly bills must be getting paid by ISIS.
  10. Navy Seal Killed in ISIS Attack in IraqThe third U.S. serviceman killed in the fight against ISIS. 
  11. international affairs
    Protesters Breach Green Zone and Storm Parliament in BaghdadThe political unrest in Iraq appears to be intensifying. 
  12. scare tactics
    ISIS-Related Group Releases Hit List With Thousands of Random New Yorkers on ItThe FBI is notifying everyone named.
  13. America Is Pledging More Troops and $415 Million to Iraq to Help Fight ISISThe war that won’t end. 
  14. international affairs
    Belgium Continues Anti-Terrorism Raids, ArrestsAs Belgium’s dysfunctional security services struggle to confront the country’s jihadi problem, the missed opportunities to prevent last month’s attacks loom large. 
  15. international affairs
    Syrian Forces Take Back Palmyra From ISISThe besieged militant group had held the ancient city for 11 months.
  16. brussels attacks
    Belgium Charges Three Terrorism SuspectsEuropean authorities continue to try and unravel ISIS’s terrorist network following Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels.
  17. awful things
    ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills 41 at Soccer Game in IraqAlmost half of those killed were teenage boys.
  18. U.S. Raid in Syria Takes Out ISIS’s Second in Command Haji Imam was the Islamic State’s CFO.
  19. brussels attacks
    What We Know So Far About the Brussels AttackersTwo brothers and the alleged bomb-maker died in suicide blasts. Two unidentified men may still be at-large.
  20. Two ISIS-Controlled Cities Just Got Closer to LiberationMosul in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria are getting put on the road to freedom. 
  21. 10 Revelations From the Post’s Trump InterviewIn an interview with the paper’s editorial board, Trump unveiled his foreign-policy team, his views on nuclear weapons, and his glove size.
  22. The U.S. Is Sending More Troops Into Iraq After a Violent WeekendThe war that isn’t over.
  23. terrorism
    ISIS-Linked Suicide Bomber Kills Five in Istanbul, Including Two AmericansIstanbul’s residents are mostly staying inside after one of the city’s busiest areas was attacked.
  24. international affairs
    New York Man Gets Record Sentence for Aiding ISISMufid Elfgeeh was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison.
  25. war crimes
    John Kerry Says ISIS Is Committing GenocideThe State Department finally says what everyone has been thinking.
  26. An American ISIS Member Was Detained While Trying to QuitKurdish forces at first thought he was attempting a suicide bombing. 
  27. ISIS Defector Leaks a Lot of Terrorist PaperworkThe documents reveal 22,000 ISIS recruits from 51 countries. 
  28. Spanish Authorities Seized 22,000 ISIS and Al-Nusra UniformsNow what are they going to wear?
  29. In New Video, ISIS Targets Twitter and Facebook CEOsAfter the two platforms purged themselves of terror-linked accounts.
  30. Widow of ISIS Leader Arrested for Kayla Mueller KidnappingShe is being held in Iraq for terrorism-related activities.
  31. Twitter to ISIS: Delete Your Account Per Twitter, 125,000 accounts have received the ultimate troll.
  32. More Than 70 Killed in Islamic State Attack on SyriaThe attack comes as the U.N. tries to coordinate peace talks.
  33. scary things
    Video Appears to Show Paris Attackers in ISIS TerritoryAnd threatens another attack in the U.K.
  34. Thanks, Obama: Even ISIS Fighters Are Seeing Wage CutsHey, fighting a holy war is expensive.
  35. Almost 19,000 Civilians Died in Iraq in Less Than Two YearsThe numbers are from a new U.N. report.
  36. Philadelphia Gunman Who Opened Fire on Cop Was Inspired by ISISAmazingly, the officer survived.
  37. Paris Attacks Fugitive’s Fingerprints Found at Possible Bomb Factory in BelgiumAnd other news involving ISIS this Friday.
  38. terrorism
    Two Iraqi Refugees Arrested on Suspicion of Supporting Syrian Terror GroupsAws Al-Jayab and Omar Al Hardan are both accused of lying to immigration officials about their terrorist affiliations.
  39. The New Face of ISIS Used to Be a Bouncy Castle SalesmanThe new “Jihadi John” has made some big changes in his life.
  40. ISIS Debuts New ‘Jihadi John’ in Latest Execution VideoThe Islamic State’s latest snuff film features a new balaclava-covered British executioner.
  41. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rochester Man Allegedly Planning New Year’s ISIS Attack Arrested“The FBI thwarted Emanuel Lutchman’s intent to kill civilians on New Year’s Eve.”
  42. islamic state watch
    In a ‘Proud Moment,’ Iraq Retakes Most of Ramadi From ISISThe battle isn’t over yet, though.
  43. islamic state watch
    ISIS Leader Reportedly Releases First Message Since MayAbu Bakr al-Baghdadi claimed that recent losses have only made his organization “tougher.”
  44. Top Rebel Commander Killed in SyriaThe death of Zahran Alloush may strengthen Assad’s hand at upcoming peace talks in Geneva.
  45. Belgian Police Detain 9th Person in Connection With Paris AttacksBut one of the men suspected of direct participation in the mass murder remains on the lam.
  46. ISIS May Be on the Verge of a Significant DefeatIraqi forces believe they are days away from retaking the city of Ramadi.
  47. adventures in fact-checking
    Clinton Campaign Walks Back Trump Video ClaimBut Trump says he wouldn’t change his anti-Muslim rhetoric even if ISIS was using it to recruit new members. 
  48. What Ted Cruz and ISIS Have in CommonHint: It has to do with Janet Yellen.
  49. isis
    Pizza-Shop Owner in Rochester Admits He Was an ISIS RecruiterAlso on Thursday: A 19-year-old was arrested for allegedly helping ISIS in Pennsylvania. 
  50. scary things
    Preschool Teacher in France Lied About Knife Attack Inspired By ISISThe teacher claimed it was a warning from ISIS, but it turns out he lied about the whole story.
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