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  1. ISIS Kills Dozens of People in Iraq and SyriaThe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls it ISIS’s largest mass killing of 2017.
  2. ISIS Calls Trump a ‘Stupid Idiot’The terror group said Trump is proof that the U.S. is “bankrupt.”
  3. feature
    PissPigGranddad, the Punk-Rock Florist Who Fought ISIS in Syria, Is Coming HomeBrace Belden became a radical icon when he went to take up arms against terrorists, build a socialist utopia, and tweet jokes about the revolution.
  4. awful things
    U.S. Acknowledges Mosul Air Strike That May Have Killed HundredsAs many as 200 civilians may have been killed when three houses collapsed after a coalition attack on ISIS militants in the area.
  5. The Pentagon Is ‘Likely’ to Send 1,000 Ground Troops to Syria, Report SaysThat would effectively double the number of U.S. troops in the country.
  6. Trump Is Once Again Allowing CIA Drone Strikes, Reversing Obama ProtocolThe president may be a CIA skeptic, but he’s let the spy agency back into the business of targeted killing.
  7. Marines Set Up Outside Raqqa, Escalating U.S. Involvement in SyriaNewly arrived Marines will assist the hundreds of special-ops forces already in Syria.
  8. ISIS Attackers Dressed As Doctors Kill Dozens at Afghan Military HospitalAt least 38 are dead with more than 50 injured.
  9. There Were Two Major Victories Against ISIS in Iraq and SyriaIraqi forces retake most of Mosul airport, while Turkish-backed Syrian rebels expel the extremist group from al-Bab.
  10. At Least 70 Killed in ISIS-Claimed Suicide Attack on Pakistani ShrineDuring a crowded worship service.
  11. encounter
    Heading to the Airport With the New York Times’ ISIS ExpertRukmini Callimachi discusses the travel ban, her refugee past, and extremists’ reactions to Trump.
  12. the national interest
    Donald Trump Is Already Recruiting Terrorists for ISIS“There’s plenty of anger right now. How can you have more?” asks president who cannot fathom blowback.
  13. U.S. Strikes ISIS Camps in Libya, Killing 80 MilitantsB-2 bombers and drones wiped out two camps 28 miles outside of Sirte.
  14. The Berlin Attacker Was Suspected of Terrorist Ties. How Did He Slip Through?The manhunt continues for Anis Amri.
  15. international affairs
    ISIS Retakes the Ancient Syrian City of PalmyraSyrian government forces took control of the historic city in March, but now ISIS has reclaimed it once again.
  16. U.S. Has Killed 50,000 ISIS Militants in the Past Two YearsAn official said the estimate was conservative.
  17. ISIS Claims OSU Attacker As a ‘Soldier’The FBI is still investigating the case, but Abdul Razak Ali Artan does not appear to have had any contacts with overseas terror groups.
  18. Protecting Trump Family Costs NYC More than $1 Million a DayThe NYPD is required to assist the Secret Service and it’s not cheap.
  19. international affairs
    U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Launching Offensive to Capture ISIS Capital RaqqaSupported by U.S. warplanes, as many as 40,000 forces will advance on and isolate the key ISIS stronghold.
  20. Iraqi Government Forces Are About to Cross Into MosulBreaching the city lines after three weeks of fighting.
  21. What I Learned About Terrorism by Talking With My Father’s KidnapperThere is a smart way to “make America safe again.”
  22. ISIS Says It’s Behind Attack in Pakistan That Leaves More Than 60 People DeadOfficials have not confirmed the terror group’s claim about the assault that also left more than 115 wounded at a police cadet academy in Quetta.
  23. Mosul: ISIS Reportedly Using Civilians As Human Shields As Thousands Try to FleeA grave humanitarian crisis is unfolding.
  24. A New York City College Student Died Fighting for ISIS in SyriaFederal prosecutors are charging a man with helping him join up with the terror network.
  25. Kurdish Fighters Have Retaken at Least 9 Towns on the Outskirts of MosulSome footage from the front lines is streaming on Facebook.
  26. war on terror
    The Battle to Liberate Mosul From ISIS Has BegunThe fight is expected to last weeks, if not months, and may lead to an enormous humanitarian crisis.
  27. U.S. to Send Another 600 Troops to Iraq Ahead of Push to Retake MosulBrings the total up to about 5,000.
  28. Crimes and Misdemeanors
    Would-Be ISIS Recruit From California Sentenced to 30 Years in PrisonA co-defendant will be sentenced in October.
  29. Syria Cease-fire Goes Into Effect, But Humanitarian Aid Still Hasn’t ArrivedNo deaths reported since the truce began, but the fighting hasn’t completely stopped.
  30. international affairs
    U.S. and Russia Agree on New Ceasefire Plan in SyriaThe plan is due to start on Monday, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of optimism that it will actually work.
  31. 3 Women Arrested for ‘Imminent’ ISIS-Inspired Attack on Paris StationAll were linked to a car full of gas canisters found near Notre Dame cathedral this weekend.
  32. Hillary Clinton Does Impression of Pro-Trump ISIS Militant on Israeli TV“Please, Allah, make Trump president of America.”
  33. the national interest
    Trump To Ask Generals, Who Know Less Than Trump, For Plan To Defeat ISISTrump’s plan of confusing the enemy is working brilliantly.
  34. Trump Likens the ‘Psychology’ of His Supporters to That of ISIS RecruitsThis might be the most bonkers quote of his campaign.
  35. ISIS
    Report: ISIS Cleared From Syrian-Turkish Border, Now Cut Off From Outside WorldThe group’s supply lines for foreign fighters, weapons, and ammunition are apparently now severed.
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    PewDiePie Did Not Join ISISHe only joked about joining ISIS.
  37. terrorism
    Suicide Bomber Kills More Than 50 at Wedding in TurkeyTurkish authorities believe it was an ISIS attack, and the bomber was as young as 12 years old.
  38. Syria
    U.S. Fighter Jets Warn Away Syrian WarplanesThe encounter came one day after a Syrian aircraft bombed Kurdish positions near where U.S. special forces have been operating.
  39. Trump Says Fight Against ISIS Could Require Racial ProfilingHe also said that he would “throw out” Muslims with “extreme views” like the Orlando shooter’s father.
  40. Trump Argues That No One Like Him Should Be Allowed Into the United StatesTrump argues that people who “don’t believe in our Constitution” and “support bigotry” shouldn’t be allowed to enter our country.
  41. Trump Mocks Media for Believing He Actually Means the Words He SaysOn Thursday, Trump vowed to keep telling the “truth” about how Obama “founded ISIS.” Now Trump mocks the media for failing to hear his “sarcasm.”
  42. Trump: If I Can’t Win by Calling Obama an Ally of ISIS, Then I Don’t Want to Win“All I do is tell the truth. If at the end of 90 days I fall in short … It’s okay, I go back to a very good way of life.”
  43. Obama Confirms That the Fight Against ISIS Will Go On for a WhileBut notes some progress.
  44. The Olympics in the Age of ISISBrazil has largely avoided significant terror threats. Will the country be ready?
  45. A D.C. Police Officer Was Arrested for Trying to Help ISISHe tried to send gift cards.
  46. France Says ISIS Is Behind the Catholic Church Attack That Left One Priest DeadAttackers stormed the church during Mass and took hostages before being killed by police. 
  47. ISIS Claims Role in German Music-Festival BlastThe man, who was denied asylum in Germany, blew himself up, injuring 15. This was the fourth attack in Germany in a week.
  48. scary things
    ISIS Behind Kabul Blasts That Kill at Least 80One of the deadliest attacks on Afghanistan’s Shia minority. 
  49. rio olympics
    Brazil Terror Arrests Over Alleged Rio PlotThe group had not yet picked a specific target, say officials.
  50. sad things
    Report: U.S. Air Strikes in Syria Kill Scores of Civilians, Including ChildrenAt least 56 people, but possibly more.
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