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  1. politics
    The Problem With the Lee Greenwood BibleOn this Memorial Day, we should honor the distinctly American tradition of church-state separation and avoid conflating God and country.
  2. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Is Testing Organized ReligionReligious believers often look to faith communities for safety in times of danger. But what if that poses public heath dangers, too?
  3. islamophobia
    Texas GOP Activists Fight to Purge Local Official Because He’s – Gasp – MuslimIf you feed people hate long enough, they can soon become hateful.
  4. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State, Has a Problem With IslamA known Islamophobe serving as the nation’s top diplomat seems like a bad idea.
  5. How Trump Got Comfortable With Saudi Religious ExtremismIt’s true Saudi Arabia has been pushing a radical version of Islam. But for Trump, that fact was inconvenient.
  6. Stephen Miller Writing Big Speech on Islam Trump Is Delivering in Saudi ArabiaIt’s a very bad idea for Donald Trump to presume to lecture Muslims about Islam. Involving his firebrand aide in that project is even worse.
  7. the far right
    Things Aren’t Looking Good for Geert Wilders and His Party in the Dutch ElectionThe first round of exit polling suggests a disappointing showing for the far-right, anti-Islam candidate and the party he founded.
  8. islamophobia
    Trump Reiterates Support for the Racial Profiling of Muslim AmericansFresh off renewing his Muslim immigrant ban, Trump is turning the spotlight back on U.S. residents.
  9. Calligraphy Crisis Closes Virginia SchoolsSome parents interpreted the lesson as an attempt to indoctrinate their children into Islam.
  10. Heavily Armed Texans Protest Imaginary ‘Sharia Law Court’Two months after mistaking Ahmed’s clock for bomb, citizens of Irving Texas mistook an Islamic mediation center for an illegal court.
  11. terroble
    American Man Denies Plan to Bomb Jerusalem SitesC’mon, guys. 
  12. silly things
    School District Bans Religious Holiday Names Hopes no one will notice.
  13. assholes
    Australian Bros Wear KKK Hood in Public to Prove a Point About Face CoveringsNo words.
  14. puppies!!!!!!
    Malaysian Dog-Petting Event Under FireThe man’s-best-friend stuff is not universal.
  15. never forget
    Visitors Say That the 9/11 Museum’s Depiction of Islam Could Use a Little WorkThis was brought up before the exhibits were opened to the public.
  16. Newsweek’s #MuslimRage BackfiresTwitter mocks latest ‘Newsweek’ cover on “Muslim rage.”
  17. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Has Decided to Look Into This ‘Islam’ That Everyone Has Been Talking AboutHe’ll meet with Muslim leaders.
  18. early and emotional
    Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison Breaks Down at Peter King HearingHe was recounting the heroism of a Muslim-American who died on 9/11.
  19. controversy
    Glenn Beck Is Sorry About Comparing Judaism to Radical Islam“I was wrong on this.”
  20. early and awkward
    David Cameron: ‘Multiculturalism Has Failed’“We have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives.”
  21. islamophobia
    Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends: ‘All Terrorists Are Muslims’Here we go.
  22. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Bush, Obama, or Imam?’Can you tell who said a nice thing about Islam?
  23. ground zero mosque
    Ground Zero Mosque Villain Was a Diplomat for George W. BushHuh, so why is Peter King so outraged about him being a diplomat for the Obama administration?
  24. land of the free
    Opposition to a New Mosque, Without the Ground Zero Excuse This TimeThese Staten Islanders just don’t want anything to do with Muslims.
  25. fort hood
    Radical Cleric Who Advised Nidal Malik Hasan Explains Their RelationshipThe Washington ‘Post’ sent an intermediary to speak with the man Hasan saw as a spiritual leader.
  26. fort hood
    More Nuance Enters Fort Hood NarrativeNot everyone ignored the warning signs from Major Nidal Malik Hasan, and it was not only female officer Kimberly Munley who took him down in the end.
  27. gossipmonger
    We Admit, We Think It’s Kinda Gross That David Cross Is Dating Amber TamblynToday’s gossip includes a teary Laurence Fishburne, an irritable Derek Jeter, and dueling hairstylists. But we just can’t get over the Cross thing.
  28. gossipmonger
    For Cecilia Sarkozy, Revenge Is a Dish Best Served During the Venetian HourCecilia Sarkozy, the ex-wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is set to get married to PR exec Richard Attias in New York on March 22. (Friends say it’s a “revenge” wedding.) Shelley Ross was so hated in her capacity as executive producer of CBS’ The Early Show that CBS News president Sean McManus didn’t even wait to find a replacement before firing her. Colin Farrell tried hitting on model Meghan Lowther at the Rose Bar, but found out the hard way that she has a boyfriend. The April issue of Elle features an interview given by Michelle Williams right after she broke up with Heath Ledger. New York real-estate giant Steven Fisher, best known for turning the aircraft carrier Intrepid into a museum, is trying to get his own TV show. Gossip Girl’s Conor Paolo wants, uh, Daniel Day-Lewis to join the cast.