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Islamic State In Iraq And Syria

  1. An American ISIS Member Was Detained While Trying to QuitKurdish forces at first thought he was attempting a suicide bombing. 
  2. At Least 19 Dead After Terrorist Attack in Tunisia [Updated]Seventeen foreign tourists and two Tunisians are dead after a shooting at a museum, as are two of their attackers. 
  3. foreign affairs
    Can Americans Stomach Another ISIS Slaughter?Officials in the city of Kobani are warning of “5,000 dead within 24 or 36 hours.”
  4. unfortunate coincidences
    Other Things Called ISIS Not Necessarily Changing Their NamesFordham University’s feminist group, for instance, doesn’t plan on it.
  5. U.S. Ground Troops Have Landed in Iraq to Plan Yazidi RescueThe religious minority is still trapped there by ISIS militants.
  6. Battle Over Iraq’s Largest Oil Refinery Rages OnThe government says it has control. Witnesses say that’s not so.
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    Deaths of at Least 44 Sunni Prisoners Show Signs of Sectarian Violence in IraqThe men died when ISIS attacked a police station about 44 miles from Baghdad. 
  8. scary things
    ISIS Posts Grisly Photos of Mass Execution in IraqThe militant group claims to have killed 1,700 Iraqi soldiers. 
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    America Seems Ready to Wade Into Iraq’s Growing Civil War — But on Whose Side?Clearly, ISIS is a nightmare. But on the other side is Iran.
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    What You Need to Know About ISIS, the Extremist Group Overtaking IraqFor starters, they’re so vicious Al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them.