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    ISIS Loses Syrian Border Town in Major UpsetTheir second major defeat.
  2. islamic state watch
    ISIS Reportedly Executes Japanese Hostage The group did not release one of its typical beheading videos.
  3. islamic state watch
    Colorado Teen Who Tried to Join ISIS Gets 4-Year SentenceA judge said Shannon Maureen Conley needs psychiatric help.
  4. islamic state watch
    Japan Doesn’t Know How to Contact ISIS AbductorsAs the ransom deadline looms.
  5. islamic state watch
    The CentCom Hacker May Be a British 20-Year-OldCue grumblings about millennials.
  6. islamic state watch
    Newest ISIS Video Stars a Child ExecutionerA tween who goes by Abdullah.
  7. islamic state watch
    French Hostage-Taker Pledges Allegiance to ISIS in Posthumous VideoAnd describes his relationship with the Kouachi brothers. 
  8. islamic state watch
    Pro-ISIS Hackers Take Over Local News Sites “i love you isis.”
  9. islamic state watch
    11 Photos of Christmas in Iraq’s Kurdish CapitalAs ISIS fights nearby.
  10. islamic state watch
    Lucky Strikes Take Out 3 Top ISIS LeadersAfter much complaining about U.S.-led strikes being “unsuccessful.”
  11. islamic state watch
    Creepy ISIS Sex-Slave Rules Appear in Iraqi CityThey were handed out after Friday prayers, obviously.
  12. islamic state watch
    ISIS Bigwig Says Group Exists Thanks to U.S. Prison Camp“If there was no American prison in Iraq, there would be no IS now. Bucca was a factory. It made us all. It built our ideology.”
  13. islamic state watch
    ISIS Leader’s Wife Tried to Move to Lebanon on a Fake PassportCan you blame her for wanting a vacation from Syria?
  14. Egyptian Terror Group Belatedly Takes Responsibility for American DeathOr, you know, just wanted to capitalize on an unclaimed attack.
  15. ISIS Now Has a Network of Military Affiliates in 11 Countries Around the WorldTerror groups from Libya to the Philippines have joined the ISIS cause.
  16. islamic state watch
    ISIS Claims to Have Beheaded American Hostage Peter KassigKassig was last seen in the video of British aid worker Alan Henning’s death.
  17. mo’ money mo’ problems
    Progressive ISIS Coins Buck Old White Guy TrendFor all the obvious reasons.
  18. French Dude Quit Jihad Because He Wanted a SmokeSeriously. 
  19. ISIS May Join Forces With Al QaedaAt least for the time being.
  20. islamic state watch
    Israeli Woman Latest Foreigner to Fight ISISAs if the militants didn’t hate fighting Kurdish women enough.
  21. islamic state watch
    Obama Sending 1,500 More Troops to Help Against ISIS in IraqThe White House is also requesting another $5.6 billion.
  22. a supposedly fun thing
    Jihadis Are Now Taking Cruises to Get to SyriaThere’s just too much focus on Turkish airports.
  23. islamic state watch
    Obama Will Ask Congress for Permission to Fight ISISSomething to get done before the newly electeds take over.
  24. islamic state watch
    ISIS Deported an Old Widow From Fallujah for Wanting to Walk AloneMore dispatches from inside the Iraqi city.
  25. islamic state watch
    This Is What One Woman’s Life Is Like Under ISIS Rule in FallujahIt’s a pretty grim picture.
  26. Iraq Claims ISIS Used Chemical Weapons in AttackThankfully, no one was seriously injured.
  27. islamic state watch
    The U.S. Really Wants to Stop People From Buying ISIS OilThe terrorists are getting rich.
  28. islamic state watch
    Denver Teens Skip School to Try to Join ISISThey were caught, and are TOTALLY grounded.
  29. islamic state watch
    ISIS Militants Claim the U.S. Accidentally Air-dropped Them Free WeaponsMassive fail.
  30. islamic state watch
    ISIS Is Trying to Fly Fighter JetsUsing pilots left over from the Saddam Hussein era, according to a new report.
  31. islamic state watch
    Kosovo Managed to Rescue an 8-Year-Old From ISISThe boy’s father had taken him to Syria without the mother’s permission.
  32. islamic state watch
    U.S. Settles for ‘Kind of Bleh’ Name in Ongoing Operation Against ISISInherent Resolve, which had already been rejected by the Pentagon.
  33. islamic state watch
    Why Turkey Is Bombing the Kurds Fighting ISISInternal politics with international implications.
  34. Turkey Still Won’t Help Fight ISIS, As Fighter Blows Up Truck on Its BorderWhat will it take?
  35. ISIS Advances on Kobani, in PhotosThings don’t look great heading into the weekend.
  36. islamic state watch
    ISIS Makes Approximately $1 Million a DayAccording to an official from the U.S. Treasury.
  37. islamic state watch
    Illinois Teen Caught Trying to Join ISISHe was arrested at the airport.
  38. islamic state watch
    A Female Suicide Bomber Attacked ISIS Militants in SyriaUsing an ISIS tactic against ISIS.
  39. islamic state watch
    Peter Kassig’s Parents Release Video PleaThe Islamic State threatened to kill 26-year-old Peter Kassig on Friday. 
  40. islamic state watch
    ISIS Beheads British Hostage Alan Henning, Threatens American Peter Kassig NextA sharia court had cleared him of espionage charges.
  41. islamic state watch
    ISIS Is Using Darren Aronofsky’s Noah for Recruitment“I mean, that’s definitely not the message of the film,” says the director.
  42. islamic state watch
    Iraq’s Bumbling Military Accidentally Gave ISIS SuppliesUgh.
  43. islamic state watch
    Britain Agrees to Start Bombing ISIS As WellThe campaign could take “not months but years,” David Cameron warned.
  44. islamic state watch
    More Than 3,000 Europeans Are Now Fighting for ISISStrikes continue against the group as the FBI identifies a beheading suspect.
  45. islamic state watch
    9 Arrested in Overnight U.K. Terror Raids As Strikes Against ISIS ContinueMembers and supporters of a banned group.
  46. islamic state watch
    Woman Uses Hidden Camera to Show What Life Under ISIS Is Really LikeThe video was commissioned by France 2.
  47. islamic state watch
    ISIS-Linked Soldiers Beheaded a French Tourist in AlgeriaAfter a kidnapping on Sunday.
  48. islamic state watch
    Even This Radical, Pro-ISIS Preacher Condemns the Lastest Beheading ThreatHostage Alan Henning is a “sympathizer to Muslims,” says British Imam Abdullah el-Faisal.
  49. islamic state watch
    U.S. Continues to Bomb ISIS Ahead of Obama’s Case to the U.N.More air strikes overnight in Syria and Iraq.
  50. islamic state watch
    President Bill O’Reilly Has a Plan to Fight ISIS“This is a terrible idea,” said an actual military expert.
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