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  1. consequences
    Marty Peretz Uninvited From Speaking at HarvardIt was that whole “Muslim life is cheap” thing, shockingly.
  2. koran burning
    New Jersey Transit Employee Fired for Burning KoranHis actions violated “code of ethics.”
  3. land of the free
    By the Way, There Was a Muslim Prayer Center in the World Trade Center While It Still StoodMeanwhile, the ‘Post’ presents us with a tasteful human splatter map.
  4. ground zero mosque
    NYC Imam Says There Are No Plans to Move Location of Islamic Community CenterAlso, Trump’s offer falls flat.
  5. terrorble
    Florida Minister Cancels Koran BurningBut don’t hold your breath.
  6. terrorble
    Obama Joins the Long List of People Trying to Talk Sense Into Terry Jones“What he’s proposing to do is completely contrary to our values.”
  7. What Do Angelina Jolie and Sarah Palin Have In Common?FBI is concerned about an attack in retaliation for Koran burning.
  8. White House Warns Against Koran Burning While Bloomberg ‘Defends’ Protesters’ RightsPetraeus stressed that the demonstration could put “troops in harm’s way.”
  9. bons mots
    Stay Classy, Marty PeretzMaybe the First Amendment shouldn’t apply to Muslims, he says.
  10. terrorble
    Petraeus Says Florida Church’s Planned Koran Burning Plays Into the Taliban’s Hands“It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems.”
  11. land of the free
    Isolated-Incident WatchArson at a mosque site in Tennessee.
  12. land of the free
    Stabbed Cabbie Joining the Mosque DebateAs others debate whether he has anything to do with it.
  13. awful things
    Alleged Taxicab Slasher Was Intoxicated, Also Filming Afghan War DocPlus more updates.
  14. awful things
    Man Stabs Cab Driver in Manhattan for ‘Being Muslim’See?
  15. land of the free
    Fox News Host to Open Gay Bar Near Ground Zero Mosque“As you know, the Muslim faith doesn’t look kindly upon homosexuality, which is why I’m building this bar,” writes Greg Gutfeld.
  16. land of the free
    Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Happens to Coincide With Other Anti-Mosque MovementsAll around the country, new mosques are being met with hostile protests.