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  1. the national interest
    Schumer Is a Better Friend to Israel Than Netanyahu’s AlliesIsraelis have a right to know the dangers of Netanyahu’s one-statism.
  2. local
    Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Block Brooklyn Bridge, Holland Tunnel TrafficMore than a hundred arrests were made after protesters demanding a cease-fire in Gaza disrupted travel at major Manhattan and Brooklyn entry points.
  3. the discourse
    Masha Gessen on Israel, Gaza, and Holocaust AnalogiesA conversation with the Russian American journalist about the uses and abuses of Holocaust memory.
  4. israel-palestine
    The Free-Speech Debate Is a TrapFree speech is a public utility, not a guarantee of justice. It’s time for the left to stop expecting it to serve its values.
  5. torn up and apart
    The War and New YorkFears, protests, posts, firings, doxings, lost friendships, vigils, and betrayals. The city since October 7.
  6. torn up and apart
    How New York High-School Students Are Processing the WarTeenagers looking for answers.
  7. torn up and apart
    92NY Splits With the Cultural EliteA venerable institution digs in.
  8. torn up and apart
    Israel, Gaza, and the Fracturing of the Intellectual Left“A segment of the left’s moral compass seems to have broken.”
  9. torn up and apart
    Witnessing Gaza Through My Instagram FeedEvery morning, I check my feed in the hopes of finding something from Bisan. My stomach tightens with each scroll until she appears.
  10. torn up and apart
    Who Gets to Protest at Columbia?What led the university to suspend pro-Palestinian student groups.
  11. torn up and apart
    The Posters and MeWatching the angry, silent, futile proxy war.
  12. torn up and apart
    The Public Defender Labeled a Poster DefamerVictoria Ruiz lost her job after she tore down a flyer at a pro-Palestine vigil. What really happened?
  13. israel-hamas war
    Sam Harris’s Fairy-Tale Account of the Israel-Hamas ConflictOn the question of Palestinian terrorism, the atheist podcaster prefers dogma to rational inquiry.
  14. first person
    ‘They Don’t Want People to Know We Exist’Palestinians across the West Bank describe what life has been like since October 7.
  15. israel-palestine
    The Two-State Solution Is Still Our Only (Distant) HopeProposals for a democratic one-state solution are unpopular with Palestinians and anathema to Israeli Jews.
  16. the discourse
    Is That Antisemitic?The fraught terminology surrounding the war in Gaza.
  17. israel-hamas war
    The Suppression of Israel’s Critics Bolsters the Case for Free SpeechThe deplatforming of pro-Palestinian speakers illustrates the vitality of a free and open discourse.
  18. israel-hamas war
    How Biden Bigfooted BibiThe American president has captured Israeli hearts. Can he rein in the Israeli government?
  19. israel-hamas war
    Israel-Hamas War: Who Is to Blame for Gaza City Hospital Blast?A look at what the experts are saying.
  20. israel-hamas war
    Explanations Are Not ExcusesIn this moment, denying history has become a tool to justify the sustained murder of thousands in Gaza.
  21. Israel and Palestine Just Slid Further Away From the Possibility of PeaceTrump’s embassy move is an illustration of how far gone the situation in Israel and Palestine is.
  22. Israeli Military Kills Three, Wounds Hundreds More at Gaza BorderThe killings come as the U.N. criticizes Israel’s “excessive force” against demonstrators.
  23. international affairs
    What the Hell Is Happening in Gaza?Mass Palestinian protests along the border with Israel have already led to 15 deaths and hundreds of injuries.
  24. Pence Says U.S. Will Open Embassy in Jerusalem Next YearThe vice-president says that the decision was made “in the best interests of peace.” The Palestinian leadership begs to differ.
  25. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: It’s Time to Resist the Excesses of #MeTooHonor complexity. Make meaningful distinctions between offenses. Defend due process, privacy, and sex itself.
  26. Foreign-Policy Experts React to Trump’s Jerusalem Decision“I think he went too far, too fast, too soon.”
  27. U.N. Condemns Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Despite Threats From U.S.The Trump administration has threatened to retaliate against nations that voted for the resolution.
  28. U.S. Isolated on U.N. Security Council As Allies Condemn Trump Jerusalem ActionTrump has united the world all right: against the United States.
  29. Palestinian Protesters Direct Their Anger at President TrumpPhotos and effigies of Trump were set ablaze during protests about his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  30. Netanyahu Vows to Maintain Israel’s West Bank Settlements ‘Forever’Last week, the Trump administration said supporting the two-state solution would be “biased.”
  31. 43 Senators Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Boycott Israeli SettlementsFourteen Democrats co-sponsored a bill that would make supporting a boycott of Israel — or its settlements — punishable by 20 years in prison.
  32. Trump’s Messy, Mostly Successful Israel VisitLet’s concede that the White House achieved all of its short-term objectives. But there are some ominous signs too.
  33. Trump Arrives in Israel, Seeking the ‘Ultimate Deal’“We just got back from the Middle East,” Trump informed the Israelis.
  34. Trump Sent Alan Dershowitz to Tell Netanyahu ‘Time Is Ripe’ for Mideast PeaceThe president ran into the celebrity lawyer at Mar-a-Lago. Peace was talked and messages were sent.
  35. The Women’s Strike Can’t Make Room for All WomenThe feminist movement can’t limit its focus to the issues that deeply concern all feminists, because no such issues exist.
  36. In Meeting With Netanyahu, Trump Says U.S. Won’t Insist On a Palestinian StateBreaking with decades of precedent, Trump suggests America is open to a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  37. The Democrats Are Not a Pro-Palestinian PartyBy allowing the U.N. to condemn Israeli settlements, Obama did not abandon the longstanding, bi-partisan consensus on Israel – he reaffirmed it.