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  1. early and often
    Members Of Congress Hold Candlelight Vigil For Israeli Victims And Hostages
    Johnson’s Foreign-Aid Plan Relies on Democrats Saving Him RepeatedlyThe Speaker will need Democratic votes to pass aid for Ukraine and Israel — and then to keep his gavel.
  2. liveblog
    Rocket trails in the sky above the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem.
    What Will Iran’s Attack on Israel Mean? Live Updates.Iran’s air assault on Israel, and how Israel now responds, could prompt a regional war. Here’s the latest reaction, commentary, and analysis.
  3. foreign interests
    Protesters demonstrate against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday in Israel.
    Israelis Are Hostages of NetanyahuWith the prime minister still refusing to resign, every day feels like October 7.
  4. politics
    Chris Coons
    Biden’s Allies Are Forcing His Hand on Conditioning Aid to IsraelIn a call with Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden said that U.S. Gaza policy will be determined by Israel’s willingness to protect civilians.
  5. the national interest
    Why Chuck Schumer’s Israel Speech Marks a Turning Point in the War in GazaHe made an attempt to escape the cycle of violence and hate between the one-staters of the left and right.
  6. just asking questions
    The Struggle to Help Gaza’s Starving ChildrenUNICEF regional director Adele Khodr on trying to deliver food into a bombed-out war zone.
  7. foreign interests
    The Biden Plan to Ditch NetanyahuThe “come to Jesus” moment is already here, according to Israeli and U.S. sources.
  8. what we know
    What We Know About the Man Who Self-Immolated in Front of the Israeli EmbassyThe 25-year-old Air Force service member shouted “Free Palestine” as he burned to death in protest of the Israel-Hamas war.
  9. foreign interests
    What Happens If Israel Is Found Guilty of Genocide?The specter hanging over the U.S. at the ICJ trial.
  10. early and often
    Mike Johnson’s Spectacular Day of FailureThe Republican House Speaker managed to botch the Mayorkas impeachment and a measure to help Israel after killing a border-security deal.
  11. foreign interests
    How Will International Court of Justice’s Genocide-Case Ruling Impact Israel?The court stopped short of calling for a cease-fire in the conflict in Gaza, as requested by South Africa, which brought the case.
  12. foreign interests
    2024 Could Be a Very Rough Year for DemocracyRight-wing populism is on the march across the globe, and it will be up to a handful of American swing voters to set it back.
  13. israel-hamas war
    What Israel Lost Before October 7The worst year in the country’s history began with Netanyahu’s return to power.
  14. encounter
    Israel-Palestine Scholar Norman Finkelstein’s Long CrusadeA cantankerous Israel critic takes a rare turn in the limelight.
  15. foreign interests
    The Price of Hamas’s Destruction Is Too HighIt’s time to give a temporary peace a chance.
  16. israel-hamas war
    The Pro-Palestinian Left Is BoomingFar from being doomed, groups like DSA are being energized in a way unseen since the racial-justice protests of 2020.
  17. foreign interests
    In Bibi’s Israel, Musk’s Brand of Antisemitism Is KosherHow a plutocrat can post antisemitic tweets one day and shake hands with the Israeli prime minister the next.
  18. israel-hamas war
    What We Know About the Hostages Released During the Israel-Hamas TruceThe temporary cease-fire is set to be extended to six days following a fourth exchange of hostages and prisoners on Monday night.
  19. israel-hamas war
    Why Jewish Voice for Peace Says ‘Not in Our Name’Jewish Voice for Peace doesn’t just oppose the war in Gaza; it challenges the link between Jewish identity and support for Israel.
  20. torn up and apart
    The War and New YorkFears, protests, posts, firings, doxings, lost friendships, vigils, and betrayals. The city since October 7.
  21. torn up and apart
    Israel, Gaza, and the Fracturing of the Intellectual Left“A segment of the left’s moral compass seems to have broken.”
  22. israel-hamas war
    What Has Israel Found Inside Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital?Israel has been searching the hospital, which it alleges conceals a Hamas stronghold, for days. Here, what it says it has and hasn’t found.
  23. stop the presses
    The Centrists Cannot HoldIn D.C., Ritchie Torres is full of conviction, while the journalistic Establishment show passionate intensity about the second coming of Donald Trump.
  24. israel-hamas war
    Statue of Liberty Shut Down by Protesters Calling for Gaza Cease-fireAt the sit-in by Jewish Voice for Peace, which occupied a national monument to demand an immediate end to the Israel-Hamas war.
  25. the discourse
    Is That Antisemitic?The fraught terminology surrounding the war in Gaza.
  26. just asking questions
    Egypt’s Puzzling Role in the Israel-Hamas WarThe country that once controlled the Gaza Strip is helping Palestinians — but only up to a point.
  27. israel-hamas war
    The Boston Real-Estate Lawyer Trying to Get Americans Out of GazaSammy Nabulsi is one part diplomat, one part “pain in the ass.”
  28. israel-hamas war
    The Israel-Hamas Tunnel War Will Be Like No OtherFrom the air soldiers breathe to the guns they fire, everything is different underground.
  29. the national interest
    House Republicans: No Aid for Israel Unless Rich Tax Cheats Get a BreakThis is not a “pay-for,” it’s an add-on.
  30. international
    Kremlin: Airport Mob Searching for Israelis Isn’t Our FaultThe Russian government blamed “outside interference” for Sunday’s shocking scenes.
  31. israel-hamas war
    Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli Forces Push Deeper Into GazaCrowds of desperate Gazans broke into U.N. aid warehouses on Saturday.
  32. israel-hamas war
    Everything We Know About the Gaza City Hospital BlastThe broad consensus from multiple independent investigations is that a misfired militant rocket was most likely the cause. But questions remain.
  33. israel-hamas war
    How Biden Bigfooted BibiThe American president has captured Israeli hearts. Can he rein in the Israeli government?
  34. the discourse
    War of the StatementsThe unusual way Americans have processed the Israel-Hamas War.
  35. israel-hamas war
    Israel-Hamas War: Who Is to Blame for Gaza City Hospital Blast?A look at what the experts are saying.
  36. israel-hamas war
    What the Black Struggle Tells Us About the Israel-Hamas WarThe Black legacy of channeling our grief toward a more just world is often missing from the American discourse.
  37. israel-hamas war
    The Story of 11 Families Who Were Victims of HamasThe October 7 victims include kibbutzniks and Bedouins, leftists and liberals, guest workers and peace activists. These are their stories.
  38. israel-hamas war
    An American Family Trapped in Gaza Begs Biden for HelpZakaria and Laila Alarayshi arrived two days before the war. Then their home was destroyed and their exit was denied.
  39. israel-hamas war
    ‘It’s Really Hard to Hold On in This Reality’Ten members of Shaked Haran’s family are believed to be hostages of Hamas.
  40. israel-hamas war
    Explanations Are Not ExcusesIn this moment, denying history has become a tool to justify the sustained murder of thousands in Gaza.
  41. israel-hamas war
    The U.S. Is Giving Israel Permission for War CrimesAs Israel incinerates entire city blocks, the White House offers its tacit approval.
  42. israel-hamas war
    No, America’s Declining Power Didn’t Cause Hamas’s AttacksThe problem isn’t a deficit of American global influence but the misuse of that influence.
  43. israel-hamas war
    A Left That Refuses to Condemn Mass Murder Is DoomedTo advocate effectively on behalf of Palestinians, progressives must not forfeit their moral authority.
  44. what we know
    Israel Pulverizing Gaza By Air After Hamas Attack: Live UpdatesPresident Biden called Saturday’s Hamas attack “an act of sheer evil” and vowed to send even more aid to Israel.
  45. what we know
    Leaked Pentagon Documents: What We KnowThe chief of the Kremlin-backed Wagner Group mercenaries allegedly offered to provide Russian troop locations to Ukraine.
  46. foreign interests
    This Is Still an Existential Crisis for IsraelBenjamin Netanyahu may have blinked, but a fundamental schism over the country’s future isn’t going away.
  47. just asking questions
    Can Israeli Democracy Survive Netanyahu’s Power Grab?Law professor Yuval Shany on how the country’s judicial crisis is weakening its place in the world.
  48. foreign interests
    Israel’s Illiberal Rightward Turn Is a WarningNetanyahu is back, leading an extreme-right government that leaves both Israel and America’s left in an impossible bind.
  49. israel
    Is the BDS Movement Too Alienating to Make Real Change?Pro-Palestinian activists have more sway than ever. But social shaming and ad hoc boycotts only go so far.
  50. vision 2024
    A Joe Biden–Liz Cheney 2024 Ticket Won’t Save AmericaThomas Friedman cites an Israeli precedent for his call for a coalition of national salvation. It’s not an apt comparison and probably wouldn’t work.
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