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It’s Friday

  1. the tweet beat
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Dance Moves Work for Any SongIf you’ve already seen that AOC dance video, here are a dozen more.
  2. australian puppies!!
    Kangaroo vs. Dog: Nature’s Weirdest BattleThe kangaroo tries to drown the dog. 
  3. photo op
    What’s Going on With Obama’s Leg?Take a look. 
  4. internet
    Here’s an 11-Minute Compilation of VinesWatch it?
  5. helpful puppies!!
    Puppy Teaches Younger Puppy to Climb Down Stairs, Because Puppies Are GreatThe best puppy video you will see this Friday evening, guaranteed.
  6. Having a Small Penis Finally Pays Off*If you live in Denmark. 
  7. feline puppies!!
    Cat’s Love for Sun Chips Nearly Gets It Run Over by a TrainYou have to look at this photo of the cat’s head stuck in the Sun Chips bag.
  8. it’s friday
    Bears Really Enjoy PumpkinsHere’s a video of them playing with the pumpkins.
  9. nazi feline puppies!!!!!!!
    Meet Kitler, the British Cat That Looks Like HitlerMan, British people really like finding things that look like Hitler.
  10. it’s friday
    There’s a Baboon on the Loose in New JerseyThat is all.
  11. mysteries of brooklyn
    What the Hell Are These Bursts of Light Outside of My Window?Seriously, I need your help with this.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Case of the Judge and Penis TurtleA Saratoga County judge could not stop talking about how a cartoon turtle looked like a penis.
  13. afghanistan
    Taliban’s Terrifying Army of Monkey Terrorists Effectively Ends WarTime to pull out.
  14. lovemaking
    Bronx Zoo Tricks Ugly Ibises Into Having Ibis Sex With Each OtherSexy music works for every species, it seems.
  15. dijongate
    Actual Mustard Grower Unimpressed by DijongateIs Obama a fancy elitist for eating Dijon mustard? We asked a farmer.
  16. crazy town
    What Do You Mean, ‘Metal in My Face’?A man coughs out a nail, lodged in his sinus cavity for years, that he was somehow unaware of.