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  1. it’s science
    Oxford Would Like Any Bigfoot Hair You Have Lying AroundWhat does Bigfoot hair look like?
  2. it’s science
    Dazzling ‘Ring of Fire’ Phenomenon Just Reminds Woman That She’s Not MarriedThe “ring of fire” was a little depressing. 
  3. it’s science
    Paralyzed Woman Drinks a Coffee With Her MindAnd the help of a chip implanted in her brain and a robotic arm. 
  4. it’s science
    This Weekend’s Supermoon Will Make You Give BirthSorry.
  5. it’s science
    Don’t Put Your Hand in the Large Hadron ColliderHere’s what would happen. 
  6. the least important birds in the world
    How Do Pigeons Navigate?Animal magnetism!
  7. it’s science
    Baboons Are Learning to Read, Kind OfBut only if dried wheat is involved.
  8. it’s science
    Study Shows Conservatives’ Trust in Science Hits All-Time LowConservative trust in science has dropped below 1974 levels.
  9. it’s science
    Time Travel Definitely Not Happening AnymoreNeutrinos in the news again.
  10. it’s science
    Cornell Anxiously Awaits Awful SmellIt’s called the corpse plant, appropriately enough.
  11. it’s science
    Scientists: The Moon Sank the TitanicAlso, an iceberg. 
  12. it’s science
    Time Travel Probably Not Happening AnymoreA loose wire may have produced those crazy results at CERN. 
  13. it’s science
    Russian Scientists ‘Jurassic Park’ a 32,000-Year-Old FlowerNext stop, woolly mammoths?
  14. it’s science
    That Suspiciously Blurry Viral Video of a Woolly Mammoth Sighting in Siberia?It’s a hoax.
  15. it’s science
    Russia Declares Victory in Imaginary Lake RaceThey’ve finally reached the deep underground lake in Antarctica. 
  16. it’s science
    Brooklyn Plant Will Use Poop to Help Power HomesPutting human waste to work.
  17. it’s science
    Beyoncé Is a Horsefly NowUh, why?
  18. it’s science
    This Frog Is the World’s Tiniest Vertebrate … Kind OfControversy rocks the science world.
  19. it’s science
    Cornell Scientists Did … Something ... With LightThis seems amazing, we think!
  20. it’s science
    Federal Government Suspends New Medical Testing on ChimpsSorry, mice. Maybe learn sign language or something.
  21. it’s science
    Falling German Satellite Probably Didn’t Kill AnyoneYou’re really a shell of your former self, Germany.
  22. it’s science
    Falling German Satellite Has a 1-in-2,000 Chance of Hitting SomebodyThanks, Germany.
  23. it’s science
    Kraken, Yeti Both Definitely RealGranted, there may not be a ton of proof.
  24. it’s science
    The Newest Hamptons Celebrity Is a LadybugThe nine-spotted ladybug has returned!
  25. it’s science
    That Falling NASA Satellite Showers the Pacific With Debris Up to 300 PoundsAny one person’s odds of getting hit: 1 in 22 trillion.
  26. it’s science
    Where and When Will You Time Travel to When Time Traveling Definitely Happens Soon?Scientists have made a major breakthrough, and we’re overreacting to it.
  27. it’s science
    Falling Satellite Will Land Someplace UnimportantAlso known as “not New York.”
  28. it’s science
    There’s a 1 in 3,200 Chance That a Piece of a Satellite Will Land on a Person Next WeekAntarctica will be safe.
  29. it’s science
    For the First Time, Scientists Spot a Planet That Orbits Two StarsCrazy.
  30. it’s science
    Potential Earthlike Planet Discovered 36 Light Years AwayScientists have yet to determine if HD85512b has water.
  31. it’s science
    Do Voters Even Care If a Presidential Candidate Doesn’t Believe in Evolution?Barely.
  32. it’s science
    That Mars Rover Just Won’t DieOpportunity is knocking … on a new crater!
  33. it’s science
    Very Fast Aircraft Also Very Bad at Functioning ProperlyThe Pentagon is having trouble getting this thing to work.
  34. it’s science
    Does Water Flow on the Surface of Mars?Maybe!
  35. it’s science
    A ‘Trojan Asteroid’ Has Been Secretly Floating in Earth’s Orbit for Thousands of YearsStalker.
  36. photo op
    The Bornean Rainbow Toad Is Alive!Yes!
  37. it’s science
    Don’t Trust Your Boyfriend’s Fat FaceAccording to science, “men with wide faces are more likely to lie and cheat than narrow-faced men.”
  38. it’s science
    Russian Scientist Expects Aliens to Look Exactly Like HumansWhat a crazy imagination!
  39. it’s science
    Advertisers Examining Whether Monkeys Are As Dumb As HumansDoes sex sell monkey food?
  40. it’s science
    Your Portable Mind-Control Device May Be Coming SoonFor mice, anyhow.
  41. it’s science
    United States Slowly Catching Up to Europe in ‘Most Prehistoric Mastodon Drawings’ ContestThe United States has one of them now.
  42. it’s science
    Science: Drugs May Be Able to Erase Bad MemoriesMetyrapone, in particular.
  43. it’s science
    Electrons Are Almost Perfectly RoundHuh. How ‘bout that.
  44. it’s science
    Study Confirms: Yep, Alleged Jerks Hold Our Interest“Given a choice, people will stare longer at the faces of people they’ve heard bad things about.”
  45. it’s science
    AIDS Vaccine Shows Promise in MonkeysThe research could “significantly contribute” to a human vaccine.
  46. it’s science
    New York’s Intrepid Museum Is Getting a Space Shuttle!However, it’s a space shuttle that has never been in space.
  47. it’s science
    People Are Nicer at Higher ElevationsDoes this explain Buddhist monks, and also Long Island?
  48. the future is coming
    World Welcomes First Test Tube Baby MiceIt’s a feat long thought to be impossible.
  49. love
    Adult Americans Have Romantic RegretsYou don’t say.
  50. it’s science
    Someday, the United States Will Be Rubbing Up Against a Godless CanadaReligion will die out in Canada and eight other countries, researchers say.
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