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  1. early and often
    Ivanka Gives Poised Testimony, Still Hurts Dad in Fraud CaseWhile Ivanka didn’t make any big missteps or explode like her father, her testimony let the attorney general’s office admit damning evidence.
  2. tremendous content
    Ivanka Runs Out of Excuses, Plans to Testify in Fraud CaseShe’s set to testify in the New York fraud trial on Wednesday, after unsuccessfully arguing that appearing on a school night is an “undue hardship.”
  3. neighborhood news
    The Trump Boys Are Back in TownEric and Don Jr. defend their father in court.
  4. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump Must Testify in Dad’s Trial, Though She’d Prefer Not ToThe judge overseeing Donald Trump’s $250 million civil fraud trial ruled that Ivanka can’t sit out the trial, and must testify in person.
  5. tremendous content
    Trump Pretends Jared and Ivanka Didn’t Quit, He Fired ThemHe told Bret Baier he’d decided “that’s enough for the family.” But sources say Jared and Ivanka want nothing to do with Trump’s political operation.
  6. tremendous content
    Ivanka Doesn’t Even Want to Be Seen With Dad on InstagramDonald Trump’s daughter hasn’t said anything about his latest indictment. But burying his photo 20 clicks into her Instagram Story speaks volumes.
  7. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump Supports Dad, Just Won’t Be Seen With HimIvanka skipped her dad’s post-arrest speech, along with Melania. But she reportedly slipped into Mar-a-Lago for a visit last weekend undetected.
  8. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump Declares Neutrality on Father’s IndictmentShe issued a statement that is 27 words long and somehow says absolutely nothing — though her broader message was crystal clear.
  9. early and often
    Ivanka Trump Gave the January 6 Panel What It NeededWas she “entirely frank” and “forthcoming” in her testimony? The panel says no — but at least she gave the hearings some star power.
  10. tremendous content
    Do the Trumps Want to Crop Kimberly Guilfoyle Out of the Family?Eric Trump felt compelled to announce that, despite the rumors, he doesn’t hate his brother’s fiancée. Ivanka Trump’s silence may say more.
  11. tremendous content
    Ivanka and Jared Are Quiet Quitting Donald TrumpIvanka announced she’ll still perform daughter duties but will no longer be hustling to prove herself as Trump’s political adviser.
  12. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump and Kim Kardashian Denounce Kanye West via PR DinnerKim had a public outing with Ivanka (whose family was attacked by Kim’s ex Ye), because releasing a statement would’ve been too easy.
  13. tremendous content
    Jared’s ‘Best-selling’ Book Could Be a Trump Fundraising SchemeJared and Ivanka hawked $75 signed copies of Breaking History to Trump donors soon after Save America PAC made several bulk book purchases.
  14. early and often
    Donald Trump Is a Die-Hard Tom Brady–Ivanka ShipperFor 18 years, he’s been talking about how he could’ve had a Super Bowl–winning son-in-law instead of Jared Kushner.
  15. early and often
    Before January 6, Ivanka Said Trump Should ‘Continue to Fight’A clip from December 2020 contradicts her deposition in which she claims she “accepted” the election results.
  16. early and often
    Trump: Ignore Ivanka, She’d Already ‘Checked Out’ on My LiesIvanka offered a dubious excuse to distance herself from Dad’s bogus claims. After the January 6 hearings, he used the same excuse to discredit her.
  17. early and often
    Don’t Blame Ivanka and Jared, They (Silently) Renounced TrumpIn the most Javanka-y move imaginable, they’re distancing themselves from Trump’s whole election-stealing shtick via an anonymously sourced report.
  18. early and often
    Ivanka and Jared Cast As Stars of January 6 HearingThe January 6 committee wants to hook TV viewers for this week’s hearings. Airing Javanka’s recorded testimony might do the trick.
  19. politics
    Ivanka and Jared Can’t Escape Neighbor DramaThe former First Kids are now living in Surfside, Florida, where catty neighbors are cataloguing their minor infractions.
  20. politics
    Tish James Wants to Speak to the Trump KidsDon Jr. and Ivanka have been subpoenaed as part of the ongoing civil investigation into the Trump Organization.
  21. just checking in
    So, What Are Jared and Ivanka Up to These Days?Six months after their White House exit, they’re writing the Great American Political Memoir, facing perjury accusations, and ditching Donald.
  22. republicans
    Trump and Rubio, Best of FrenemiesRubio seems as tormented as ever by the man who rolled over him five years ago.
  23. politics
    Will Trump Dump Pence If He Runs in 2024?There are reports Trump won’t forgive Pence his one moment of independence. A fresh start could also give us the spectacle of a Trump-Trump ticket.
  24. the national interest
    A History of the Trump Era Through Stories About ToiletsTrump’s motive was right in front of us all along.
  25. trump pardons
    Everyone Trump Might Pardon Before He Leaves OfficeFrom his three eldest children to Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, there are a number of people the president may try to pardon — including himself.
  26. vision 2020
    Who Could Lead Trumpism Without Trump?There are several paths Republicans could take to maintain Trump’s political appeal without all the baggage.
  27. what-ifs
    Report: Trump Considered Ivanka As Running Mate in 2016The president entertained the idea of a Trump–Trump ticket for weeks.
  28. first person
    Melania Trump’s Ex-BFF Tells (Almost) AllStephanie Winston Wolkoff thought Trumpworld conspired to destroy her reputation. The First Lady told her, “Don’t be so dramatic.”
  29. statues
    Donald Trump Leans InThe president will build a HUGE statue for LADIES.
  30. politics
    Donald and Ivanka Trump Once Made Campaign Donations to Kamala HarrisThe Trumps contributed money to Harris’s attorney-general campaigns in California.
  31. white house
    Ivanka Trump Promotes Can of Goya Beans, Violates Ethics StandardsBoth Ivanka and President Trump posted pictures of themselves with Goya products, which goes against federal rules for executive-branch officials.
  32. the national interest
    Unemployed Should ‘Find Something New,’ Urge Heirs to Fred Trump’s FortuneHave you thought about online courses? Or inheriting your dad’s crooked real-estate fortune?
  33. ivanka trump
    Ivanka Trump Indicates She May Not Return for Second Term If Trump Is ReelectedHer record in the first term suggests the White House adviser’s presence may not be missed.
  34. the national interest
    Trump Tells Crowd Ivanka Has Created 14 Million New JobsOver 200 percent of all new jobs under Trump have been personally created by Ivanka. Impressive.
  35. gun control
    Ivanka and Don Jr. Are Pulling Trump in Opposite Directions on GunsIvanka Trump wants more restrictive gun laws. Donald Trump Jr. thinks not. Which child will the president side with?
  36. power
    Ivanka’s Eternal AmbitionsAfter the White House, she probably can’t go back to the city that made her. So she has cannily devised another exit strategy.
  37. podcasts
    This New Ivanka Podcast Is the Juiciest Show of the SummerIntroducing Tabloid, a new podcast from New York and Luminary.
  38. inexperience
    President Trump Disdains Inexperience When It’s Not His or His Administration’sTrump’s latest tweets deride AOC and Ilhan Omar for their ‘inexperience.’ He also wanted Ivanka, who is ‘good with numbers,’ to run the World Bank.
  39. memes
    Unwanted Ivanka Memes Put Ivanka Trump on the Front Lines of HistoryIvanka Trump’s presence at the annual G20 summit sparked some memes.
  40. politics
    How Much Did Ivanka Embarrass Herself at the G20 Summit?She awkwardly attempted to join a conversation between world leaders.
  41. mueller time
    Everything We Learned About Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in the Mueller ReportThe Mueller report’s most important details on the billionaire couple toying around in politics.
  42. trump scandals
    Whistle-blower: White House Overturned Security-Clearance Denials for 25 PeopleHouse Democrats are probing the White House’s handling of security clearances for officials such as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
  43. nepotism
    New Book Details Kushner’s Alleged Middle East Peace Plan, Which Is PreposterousAccording to Vicky Ward’s Kushner Inc., the senior advisor hoped to convince five countries plus Palestine to give aid or renegotiate boundaries.
  44. nepotism
    New Book Makes the Case That Jared and Ivanka Are Worse Than Previously ThoughtAmong the couple’s newly revealed transgressions: forcing their way on to Air Force jets and defending President Trump’s racism.
  45. trump scandals
    What We Know About Jared and Ivanka’s Security Clearance ScandalTrump reportedly overruled those with concerns about granting clearances to his daughter and son-in-law.
  46. russia investigation
    House Seeks Interviews With Trump’s Inner Circle in Wake of Cohen TestimonyIt looks like Cohen’s testimony was just the beginning, as House committees are now looking to speak with Ivanka, Don Jr., and others close to Trump.
  47. nepotism
    Ivanka Trump, Famous Nepotism Hire, Says People Want to Work for What They GetShe’s not a fan of the Green New Deal’s job guarantee because, “I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something.”
  48. politics
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Walked Out of ViceNice of them to make time to see a movie.
  49. the national interest
    Trump’s Crooked Foundation Dissolves, But Investigation ContinuesIt’s the grift that keeps on grifting.
  50. last night on late night
    Omarosa Unblocks Suppressed Memories of Donald and Ivanka’s ‘Awkward’ Behavior“He would rub her for a very long period of time.”
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