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J. Ezra Merkin

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    J. Ezra Merkin Agrees to $410 Million Madoff SettlementThe ex–money manager’s funds funneled at least $2 billion to Madoff.
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    Madoff Bankruptcy Trustee Drops One Claim Against Merkin, Eleven RemainJ. Ezra Merkin’s funds are still getting sued for $564.6 million, but some of that money will have to come from the funds that lost it all.
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    Ezra Merkin Did a Pretty Good Job Selling His Art in a Weak MarketToo bad that $310 million is going to go right to investors who were defrauded through him and Bernard Madoff.
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    J. Ezra Merkin Forced to ResignAttorney General Cuomo has ousted the Madoff investor, accused of fraud, from his managing position at what’s left of his three hedge funds.
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    Chelsea Clinton Has a Six-packAnd more celebrity revelations, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    J. Ezra Merkin Accused of Being ‘Sophisticated’A new $500 million suit filed against the manager of one of Bernie Madoff’s largest feeder funds says he was smart enough to know what was going on.
  7. white men with money
    J. Ezra Merkin Charged With Civil Fraud [Updated]Also, “misrepresentations, concealment, self-dealing, reckless conduct, and gross negligence,” according to a complaint filed by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.
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    Merrill Exec: ‘Look, Even Smart People Were Fooled by Madoff’Former Merrill Lynch exec John ‘Launny’ Steffens lost $35 million to Madoff, but there’s one thing he feels good about.