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    ‘Project Runway’ Star Has New Video, May Have New Show So, during last night’s D.E. Shaw holiday party, recently withdrawn Project Runway star Jack MacKenroth was telling us about his relationship with Dale Levitski from Top Chef. Even though they are indeed seeing one another, they’ve only been on like four or five dates, MacKenroth explained. But Bravo producers are already exploring a reality show about them. Which may be why even though Jack is no longer on Project Runway, he is so happy in the above video (click to view). And by “happy,” we mean GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY. Jack Not Letting Project Runway “Shocker” Get Him Down [Towleroad] Related: The ‘Top Chef’-’Project Runway’ Mashup We’ve Been Waiting For [Grub Street]
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    Token ‘Project Runway’ Hottie Doesn’t Always Support Clothes-WearingWe don’t want to use the word inevitable, so let’s just say that at last, the predictable nude photos of a Project Runway cast member have hit the Internet. Jack Mackenroth, who we already know is HIV positive and leaves the show on the fifth episode after falling sick with a staph infection, is now fully on display for all fans of … fashion. (Mackenroth also has a cameo in the upcoming Sex and the City movie as “Hot Guy #17,” according to Ben Widdicombe’s Gatecrasher column.) It appears he posed for photographer Frank Louis (extensively, and in the buff), thereby exposing himself not only as a lower-back-tattoo enthusiast but also as this season’s most flagrant media hound. Which producers probably won’t mind, considering they pimped his underwear-clad body in the first episode. Go to Queerty.com for all the pics in their bulbous glory, because here at Daily Intel we have a strict “Tell, Don’t Show” policy about celebrity dongs. ‘Project Runway’ Gay Gets Naked [Queerty] Earlier: New ‘Insider’ Anchor Accused of Having Hot, Naked Body