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Jacob Wohl

  1. politics
    Tish James Wants In on Jacob Wohl Election Robocall SuitNew York’s AG moved to join a federal suit over Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman’s alleged voter-suppression plot, seeking fines of $2.75 million.
  2. schemes
    Jacob Wohl Has Been Indicted for Voter Suppression AgainEarlier this month, Wohl and his sidekick were charged with voter suppression in Michigan. Now they’ve been indicted for the same plot in Ohio.
  3. dorm room chic
    These Right-Wing Hucksters Have the World’s Most Hilarious Tech SetupThe vibe: when you gave your parents a “Why I Should Be Allowed to Have a Nintendo” presentation in third grade.
  4. elizabeth warren
    In Good Tweet, Elizabeth Warren Stands Up for Free College, Thirsty CougarsTurns out, Warren also had a plan for the unlikely event that a far-right grifter libelously accused her of doing S&M with an ex-marine gigolo.
  5. grift
    Conservative Troll Jacob Wohl Charged With Felony Count in CaliforniaAfter months of speculation as to why he hasn’t been arrested for his scams yet, Wohl was charged with a felony count of unlawful sale of securities.
  6. politics
    Right-Wing Troll Jacob Wohl Allegedly Behind Fake Buttigieg Sexual-Assault ClaimA 19-year-old is accusing Jacob Wohl of using his name and image to level false charges against the presidential candidate.
  7. twitter tricks
    A Right-Wing Troll Ran Banned ‘Women for Howard Schultz’ AccountJacob Wohl is an avid Trump supporter who used the account to “steer American elections.”
  8. scams
    Jacob Wohl Demonstrates the Limits of the Right-Wing Misinformation SystemJacob Wohl was easily sussed out because he developed in the hothouses of the right-wing fringe and couldn’t survive the harsh climes of reality.
  9. oops that’s my mom
    Right-Wing Troll Used His Mom’s Phone to Spread Mueller Sexual Harassment HoaxJacob Wohl insists he isn’t connected to Surefire Intelligence, but if you call the company, it redirects to his mom’s voicemail.