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  1. sam bankman-fried
    SBF’s First Jailhouse Photo Shows Him Skinny and UnkemptApparently the convicted crypto fraudster doesn’t shower, and there was an unexplained “incident” in jail.
  2. criminal justice
    When Will Joe Biden Start Using His Clemency Powers?The president has signaled he wants to grant more pardons and commutations. The time to begin is now.
  3. Manafort Is a ‘VIP’ in Jail With His Own Phone, Laptop, and ShowerTrump’s former campaign chairman has asked that his trial be delayed. Robert Mueller is using his own words to argue that it shouldn’t be.
  4. prison reform
    What If Prosecutors Wanted to Keep People Out of Prison?George Soros’s semi-secret plan to get progressive district attorneys elected all over the country.
  5. bill de blasio’s new york
    Mayor de Blasio Releases Plan for the End of RikersThe ten-year proposal calls for vastly reducing the jail population and building new jails elsewhere, among other welcome reforms.
  6. ferguson
    Ferguson Corrections Officer Allegedly Raped a Pregnant Woman in JailAfter she was pulled over for having expired license plates.
  7. crime and punishment
    Rikers Inmates Sprayed With Chemical for Breaking New CurfewBedtime is now 9 p.m.
  8. things that are terrible
    India Gang-Rape Suspect Hanged Himself in JailVictim’s brother says his fate was sealed.
  9. sticky situations
    Peanut Butter Connoisseur Allegedly Harassed by TSA, Forced to Eat Sub-par PBJQuite the sticky situation.
  10. white men with money
    Conrad Black Is Going Back to JailA baron back behind bars.
  11. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Will Go to Jail on June 17For 120 days.
  12. equal rites
    New York State Allows Same-Sex Conjugal VisitsFor gay inmates in same-sex marriages or civil unions.
  13. made-off
    Bernie Madoff: ‘This Is My Secret: Danielle Steel’He hides nothing now.
  14. passage to prison
    Ken Starr’s Infatuation With Stripper Fourth Wife Gets Him 7.5 Years in Prison“I lost my moral compass.”
  15. la vida lohan
    So, Yeah, Lindsay Lohan Might Go to Jail AgainLet’s think about this for a moment.
  16. bons mots
    ‘The Purpose Here Is to Change Your Conduct. [Jail] Is Not the Waldorf=Astoria’This is not news to Paris Hilton.
  17. craigslist killer
    ‘Craigslist Killer’ Reportedly Committed Suicide in JailHe was awaiting trial for murder.
  18. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Is Being Mocked by Fellow InmatesAnd brought to tears!
  19. stars behind bars
    Jail Will Be ‘Humiliating’ for Lindsay LohanShe will be forced to eat turkey.
  20. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Is in JailWe always knew we’d type those words someday.
  21. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan’s Nail Message Had ‘Nothing to Do With Court’“It’s an airbrush design from a stencil,” she tweets.
  22. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Has Nearly Two Weeks to Screw Up Again Before She Heads to JailFriends are concerned she won’t make it.
  23. catching up
    Coffee Talk With Jeff SkillingThe former Enron CEO may never touch money again, he reveals in a prison interview. Also, he is lonely.
  24. in other news
    Dominic Carter Out of Jail, Eleven Days EarlyThe disgraced NY1 anchor only served 19 of his 30-day sentence.
  25. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Shows Fellow Inmates What He’s Made Of“DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?”
  26. made-off
    Ruth Madoff Is One of the Little PeopleAt least, she looks like one.
  27. from the penthouse to the big house
    Ex-Con Tells Bernie What Prison Will Be Like“Not very nice” is the gist.
  28. made-off
    Bernie Madoff’s Lawyer Still Thinks He Should Be Allowed to Go Back to His PenthouseBernie Madoff’s lawyer, Ira Sorkin, still trying to get his client back out of jail.
  29. made-off
    Madoff’s New Home a Little Less Swanky Than He’s Used ToIn fact, some people call it “inhuman.”
  30. in other news
    Sam Waksal Is Still in the Favoritism BusinessThe ImClone founder is out of jail and living at a halfway house in the Bronx. But is he getting better treatment than his cronies?
  31. in other news
    Samuel Israel’s Lost WeekendThe missing hedge-funder decided that jail would be better than camping.
  32. in other news
    Judge Takes Away Jeffrey Epstein’s Freedom, PornThe billionaire moneyman will go into lockup for eighteen months. But thanks to judge Deborah Dale Pucillo, his subsequent home confinement will have its own special torture.
  33. in other news
    Limbo-Loving 9/11 Shyster to Dance His Way Behind BarsA September 11 survivor who faked an injury gets two and a half years in jail.
  34. the morning line
    Can’t We Just Blame Everyone? • With Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing plan dead, the finger-pointing begins in earnest. Mayor Mike decries Albany’s lack of “guts” while state officials accuse the mayor of springing a fully formed proposal on them at the last possible moment. [NYT]
  35. 20-person poll
    Bush Commutes Libby’s Sentence, New Yorkers Shrug The Times is indignant, Gawker is indignant — hell, we’re even feeling a little indignant — that President Bush commuted convicted perjurer Scooter Libby’s 30-month prison sentence yesterday afternoon. “I respect the jury’s verdict,” Bush said yesterday. He continued: “But I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive,” which is basically the opposite of respecting the verdict. (He also said back in 2003, when the Plame leak first came to light, that “if there is a leak out of my administration … and if the person has violated the law, the person will be taken care of.” Just not too harshly.) But we wondered: Are average New Yorkers indignant, too? A quick 20-person poll later — our interns asked twenty passersby in front of the office on Madison Avenue — it seems they’re not, or at least not as much as we’d hoped. Damn. Questions and tallies after the jump.
  36. intel
    Lily Allen Knew She Was Going to Be Arrested Our favorite blog-happy pop star, Lily Allen, was arrested last week — but she knew it was coming. “I’m about to be arrested,” she told us when we spent a day with her in New York last month, “just as soon as I get back to England.” She wasn’t coy about what she’d done. “I punched a paparazzi in the face,” she said. “There were 70 of them surrounding me. And I left the country the next day. They’re saying I’m going to be arrested as soon as I get back.” This was the same day Paris Hilton was sent back to prison after briefly being released for unspecified health reasons. “I could be Paris Hilton soon enough,” Allen said as she watched the scene play out on CNN from the Heatherette offices. “Oh, my God, her life is so fucking insane,” Allen groaned. “She doesn’t even do anything. I can’t wait until Lindsay Lohan goes to jail. ‘Boo hoo. I’m going to jail.’ Good. Does that mean you’ll stop showing me your pussy now?” Allen clearly thinks herself tougher than those two Yanks. “I bet English jails are nastier than American ones,” she said with a hint of pride. We’re not sure that they are. —Jada Yuan
  37. photo op
    Free at Last! Free at Last! Mothers, lock up your Greek shipping heirs and handbag dogs: Paris Hilton walked out of Century Regional Detention Facility in Los Angeles at 12:15 a.m. Pacific time this morning. She was greeted by throngs of media, throngs of fans (seriously), and her mother. She’d spent three weeks in jail, and, if we may say, we think it did her wonders: This is perhaps the most normal and human we’ve ever seen her looking. Hott. Paris Hilton Is Released From Jail [AP via NYT]
  38. it just happened
    Braunstein Gets Twenty Years to LifeAnd now fashion-mag offices can return to the relaxed, carefree, nurturing workplaces they used to be for women before this guy was on the loose. Braunstein Sentenced to 20 Years to Life in Prison for ‘05 Assault [NY1]
  39. the morning line
    Is This the End of Braunstein?Faux firefighter Peter Braunstein will be sentenced today at noon, and our short citywide nightmare shall be over. Oh, jeez, will he write a book in jail? Clemency! [amNY] • The Matos-vs.-McGreevey matter keeps getting more colorful. Now Dina Matos is claiming her ex-husband is sabotaging not just her book sales but her charity work as well. Fellow fund-raisers snip that she’s “taken her eye off the ball.” [NYP] • The New York State Restaurant Association is suing, mostly on behalf of fast-food franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King, for the right not to disclose calorie count on the menus. They’re crying Big Government. [Crain’s NY] • City Comptroller William Thompson is about to become housing activists’ darling: He thinks the recent property-tax cut should trigger a rent freeze in stabilized apartments. [NYDN] • And Eliot Spitzer is apparently ruining Albany’s nightlife. Not through regulation, mind you; it’s just that his staffers are more coffee-shop people than bar people. Figures. [NYT]
  40. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls: Paris Hilton’s Prison Diary Things just have a habit of springing open around Paris Hilton, but this time, it wasn’t her legs: The haughty heiress walked out of her prison cell early this morning after serving only five days of her already-reduced 23-day sentence. The Big House was causing her mental distress, she claims, so Paris will instead return to her own big house and wear a kicky anklet for the next 40 days. So what really happened? Until her hyped prison diary is somehow released, nobody will know — which is why we are so fortunate to have uncovered some exclusive excerpts.