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  1. covid-19
    Who ‘Deserves’ Jail During a Pandemic?The Cook County Jail in Chicago is America’s biggest coronavirus hotspot. Why did we allow this?
  2. covid-19
    Rikers Island Reports Its First COVID-Related Prisoner DeathMichael Tyson, 53, had been locked up for a noncriminal, technical parole violation.
  3. coronavirus
    Rikers Island Prisoner Tests Positive for CoronavirusAdvocates have long warned about the deadly stakes of a jail or prison outbreak.
  4. coronavirus
    Thank God David A. Clarke Isn’t Running a County Jail AnymoreHe really wants you to expose yourself to novel coronavirus.
  5. health care
    How America’s Health-Care System Makes Mass Incarceration WorseA report from AL.com and ProPublica unearths disturbing practices in Alabama.
  6. sandra bland
    Why Are So Many ‘Bad Apple’ Police Officers Bad in the Same Way?The new Sandra Bland footage casts light on the debate over whether police misconduct is an isolated or systemic problem.
  7. crime and punishment
    Rikers Inmates Given Allowance, Pizza PartiesBut only if they’re on their best behavior.
  8. stupid crime of the day
    In Context, a Jailhouse Bar Mitzvah Isn’t So Crazy, ReallyIt’s not like there were werewolves there.