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  1. on with kara swisher
    Jake Tapper on the Difference Between Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Kara Swisher talks with the CNN anchor about dealing with dangerous lies, covering Trump “as he is,” and the aftermath of Chris Licht’s downfall.
  2. the ttp project
    Gaze Upon the Terrifying Visage of Jake Tapper’s DilbertThe CNN anchor drew the comic strip for charity, and the results will burn out your retinas and scar your brain.
  3. Broward Sheriff Boasts of ‘Amazing Leadership’ After School-Shooting FailuresMost Florida House Republicans are now calling for his suspension.
  4. feuds
    It Appears Stephen Miller’s CNN Meltdown Wasn’t Just for ShowJake Tapper suggested he was hamming it up for the president, but Miller reportedly had to be escorted from the studio.
  5. Jake Tapper Cuts Off Stephen Miller After Deeply Strange Interview“I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time.”
  6. Roy Moore Spokesman Struck Utterly Speechless on Issue of Muslims in CongressIt was more like a few seconds
  7. Mulvaney’s Bold Promise: Middle Class Won’t See Tax IncreaseYou sure about that?
  8. McCain Says He’s Fighting ‘Virulent’ Form of Cancer“Every life has to end one way or another.”
  9. people who should never rap
    Jake Tapper and Dana Perino Rap HorriblyDana Perino or Jake Tapper?
  10. cable news news
    White House Reporter Jake Tapper Leaving ABC News for CNNA big get for Jeff Zucker.
  11. ink-stained wretches
    Hostile Media Environment Encourages Twentysomethings’ Natural NarcissismJake Tapper tells young reporters what they’ve been waiting to hear.
  12. blog-stained wretches
    Conservative Bloggers Contend That President Obama Hates the American FlagDid Obama have the flag taken down at ground zero? (No.)
  13. book deals
    ABC’s Tapper Gets Afghan War Book DealThat is the equivalent of a whole lot of tweets.
  14. ya know i’d like to keep my cheeks dry today
    Chuck Todd Loves Blind Melon, ApparentlyAnd Jake Tapper has had enough.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    Jake Tapper’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Calls Him ‘Jake’Heh.
  16. todd-al domination
    Chuck Todd Pulls a Chin-Fake, Keeps GoateeAnd God saw that it was good.
  17. todd-al domination
    Chuck Todd’s Goatee Is Not Really in DangerDespite a wager with firebrand Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd will likely remain the hirsute genius we know him as today.
  18. in other news
    Breaking: Television Political Correspondents Are Manipulative, CattyTell us something we don’t know.
  19. april fools’ day
    Jake Tapper Is an April FoolThe joke wasn’t that funny, but who really cares?
  20. tool academy
    Jake Tapper Is a ToolThere are only a handful of people who live up to the sophomoric term “tool” quite the way ABC reporter Jake Tapper does.
  21. company town
    Jason Pomeranc to Take Credit for Turning Lower East Side Into Meatpacking DistrictThe hotelier says that his new Thompson Lower East Side hotel will signal the “coming-of-age” of the hood. Plus the latest in finance, law, and media news.
  22. in other news
    Jake Tapper Gloat? Never!What do you think ABC correspondent/onetime Monica Lewinsky dater Jake Tapper’s greatest fantasy is? Knocking back grape Jell-O shots in a bathtub of Cool Whip, accompanied by the women of Juggs? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. But apparently it’s just being named number one of the “Top 20 Most Heavily-Used Reporters” by the Tyndall Report, a Website that chronicles such things. The Observer caught up with Tapper — who, while covering the 2000 election for Salon, reportedly handed a USA Today reporter a piece of his chewed gum, and told her it would be “worth something someday” — in D.C. recently, and, according to them, he “refused to gloat” over the honor. “There’s a line in Broadcast News — what do you do when all your dreams are realized?” he told the Observer. “And Albert Brooks says, ‘Keep it to yourself.’ That’s kind of what I’m living right now.” Yeah, except you just said — oh, never mind. Tapper on Top! TV’s Most Prolific Once Dated ‘That Woman’ [NYO]