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Jamaal Bowman

  1. politics
    Jamaal Bowman Formally Reprimanded for Pulling That Fire AlarmThe House voted 214-191 to censure Bowman, making him the third Democratic member to suffer such punishment this year.
  2. politics
    New Details Revealed About Jamaal Bowman and the Fire AlarmThe Democratic congressman pleaded guilty Thursday morning to a false-fire-alarm charge and will pay a $1,000 fine.
  3. politics
    How Jamaal Bowman Tried to Spin Pulling a Capitol Hill Fire AlarmThe New York Democrat claims he was in a rush to vote and thought the fire alarm would open a locked door in his way.
  4. early and often
    Jamaal Bowman Is Getting Into ItThe New York congressman says his spontaneous sparring with GOP colleagues is just him finally being himself in Washington.
  5. the new kids
    The Squad Is Bigger Than EverHouse progressives grew their ranks, but you wouldn’t know it from how the rest of Democrats talk about them.
  6. politics
    The Working Families Party’s Fight for SurvivalCan Cuomo kill the left’s best chance at its own political party?
  7. 2020 elections
    Eliot Engel Regarded Himself As a Congressman-for-LifeEngel’s resentment of colleagues who endorsed his primary challenger for his ultrasafe seat betrays a sense of aristocratic entitlement.
  8. 2020 elections
    It’s Official: Jamaal Bowman Has Defeated Eliot EngelAOC is going to have quite a bit of hometown company in the next Congress.
  9. democratic primaries
    It Looks Like the Left Had a Very Good Primary Night in New YorkEliot Engel turned out to be the new Joe Crowley after all.
  10. democratic primaries
    Engel Teaches Dems That Backing War and Apartheid Has a DownsideThe congressman toed AIPAC’s line. In his race against Jamaal Bowman, that hurt him more than it helped.
  11. 2020 elections
    On a Big Primary Night, It’s Time to — WaitGet used to it, media. With voting by mail rising, knowing the results of an election an hour after the polls close is over.
  12. primary challenges
    Jamaal Bowman Takes the LeadThe progressive former middle-school principal has drawn comparisons to AOC. He might be joining her in Congress soon.