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James Carville

  1. culture wars
    You Don’t Have to Be Woke to Dislike Anti-Woke DemocratsJames Carville’s surface-level analysis of Louisiana politics is the 2021 version of “hippie punching.”
  2. The Remarkable, Maddening Career of Zell MillerA remembrance of my former boss, a man who zig-zagged through political history.
  3. cable news news
    Fox News Picks Up ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ Democrat James CarvilleThis should be fun.
  4. rivalries
    Driving to the TV Studio Is for PeonsTrue stars have in-house studios.
  5. cajuns who rage
    James Carville Is Freaking OutHe has some panicky advice for President Obama.
  6. bons mots
    James Carville Says President Obama Has One BallMaybe Hillary Clinton can give him one of hers.
  7. cleaning up
    James Carville Is Raging About Obama’s Response to the Oil Spill“We’re about to die.”
  8. cleaning up
    Obama Fanboys Rip Administration’s Oil Spill ResponseCarville and Matthews aren’t pleased.
  9. cajuns who rage
    James Carville Does Not Fear Penis MeasurementsThe Democratic strategist will make sacrifices for airport security.
  10. early and awesome
    Hillary Clinton Hocking American Idol Tickets for CashYou’ve got to hand it to her — it is a clever way to trick people into paying off her campaign debt.
  11. gossipmonger
    Billy Joel Self-Pops Cherry for ObamaDid he REALLY have to put it that way? Plus, Tom and Gisele are probs getting married — awesome, you guys! In Monday’s gaggle o’ gossip.
  12. in other news
    Remembering Tim Russert: Greatest Hits From the ObitsRussert’s friends, family, and the media share their thoughts on one of the most highly respected men in journalism.
  13. intel
    Anderson Cooper Morphs Into an I-Banker Before James Carville’s Very EyesThe flap over Democratic strategist James Carville’s calling New Mexico governor Bill Richardson a “Judas” for his recent endorsement of Barack Obama had people hot and bothered up and down the Beltway and the airwaves yesterday.
  14. early and often
    Primary Race Sapping the Democrats As Never BeforeLate last week the acrimonious battle of Democratic surrogates came once again to the fore.
  15. gossipmonger
    Rich Little, Not So Funny! Who Knew?Karl Rove got into a fight with Sheryl Crow and Laurie David at the White House Correspondents Association dinner Saturday night. Also at the dinner: Eliot Spitzer got Sanjaya Malakar’s autograph, and host Richard Little bombed. And Antonin Scalia chatted up blogger Ana Marie Cox at Christopher Hitchens’s after-party. James Carville owns several guns. Chevy Chase was mentally and physically abused as a child, according to an upcoming biography. Keith McNally is still at his street campaign against the giant Hotel Gansevoort billboard. Cynthia Nixon is still holding out hope for a Sex and the City movie. The widow of Dr. Robert Atkins is trying to remove trustees of his estate because they sued her for back pay.